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eSA Congress of December 2012

Day 1,837, 00:21 Published in South Africa South Africa by Al Kazar

I would like to welcome all new and returning members to the eSouth African Congress of December 2012, and thank Congress for their confidence in me by nominating and electing me as Speaker of Congress once again.

Congratulations to Edjatful and Gambit on their election as Deputy Speaker and Moderator respectively. I trust that the Congressional Leadership will work together well as a team and with the rest of Congress to serve those that elected us to be their representatives in the Congress of eSouth Africa.

Thanks to LiquidIce, WastelandENT, and Seisan for your willingness to be part of the Congressional Leadership. You would all have made an excellent addition to the team.

Being elected to Congress is not just a medal and gold reward - it is a privilege and a duty to those that elected you to represent them in the governing of our country. I would like to ask each Congress member to keep that in mind during their dealings in Congress.

The main business of Congress takes place in the National Assembly on the eSouth African Community Forums. If you are not yet a member of our official forums please join as soon as possible so that you can work towards the minimum requirement for accessing the National Assembly. You will also receive an eRand reward of eR5.00 when you join.

If you are already a member of our official forums but cannot access the National Assembly, please ensure that you meet the minimum requirment to become a certified community citizen as soon as possible so that you can gain access. All it requires is that you reach Activity Level 3 or more and make 3 or more posts or replies on the forums. As long as your Vitality and Stamina is above zero, you will earn Activity Points for all your eRepublik and eSouth African activity, which will increase your Activity Level. It usually only takes a couple of days to become a certified community citizen. You will also earn eRand rewards for your activity.

Personal attacks or insults against other members of Congress or any other citizen within the National Assembly or Closed Chambers of Congress will not be tolerated. Please confine such behaviour to places like the Politics, Economics, eRepublik or Cafe boards.

I would also like to highlight a few things for the benefit of new members of Congress and as a reminder to returning members.

Certain in-game proposals (such as a Natural Enemy proposal) can have bad consequences for our country if not discussed in the National Assembly with other members of Congress first. In fact, by law no proposal is supposed to be made in-game before discussing it in Congress on the forums. In some cases (such as tax proposals) this would not necessarily be a train smash as it will be voted down if invalid, but it is advisable to follow the rules.

Unapproved acceptances of citizenship requests are a direct violation of the laws of eSouth Africa. Every Congress member is bound to only accept citizenship requests that have been officially approved by the Department of Immigration and listed as such in the Citizenship Requests section of the Congressional Tasks tab at the top of forum Congress pages. You must claim a citizenship request and record your acceptance of the approved request within that section. Disagreeing with the procedures or accepting someone by "accident" is no excuse.

Please check the Congressional Tasks whenever you attend Congress (which you will hopefully do every day). This is the primary tool of Congress and all in-game proposals, citizenship requests, fund transfers, etc. will be listed there.

Do not simply vote "yes" or "no" for any in-game proposal. First check if the proposal is being discussed on the forums, make your input in the discussion, and then vote with your head and your heart.

We have a responsibility and a duty to our country and I hope that we will all work together well for the benefit of our country, besides any political differences. Politics plays its part in Congress but try to use it to convince others of your point of view and not to run down the point of view of others.

Let us get to work. I would like to see Congress active and involved in the decision making of our government. Who knows, if the 2012 doomsayers are right this may well be the last Congress ever 🙂

If you have any ideas or proposals for Congress, please start a topic in the National Assembly and state your case. Any member of Congress, Cabinet Minister or the Presidency can make proposals in Congress.

Let's have a good term!



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Mikhail Alexander Day 1,837, 03:57


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Gambit LeBeau Day 1,837, 05:10


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Lord Elrond Hubbard Day 1,837, 07:30


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