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Erepublik shortcuts!

Day 1,784, 03:51 Published in USA Greece by Krater0s
Hello fellow e-comrades!
How many of you are fed up having to drag their mouse through 3 different places to get to a specific page?
As in Top News for example
Or to your storage!

Fear no more fellow e-citizens

The solution is here:

By pressing Shift + K
The above image comes up

Alerts Shift + A
Military campaigns Shift + C
Military unit Shift + M
My places Shift + L
New Message Shift + N
Storage Shift + S
Top news Shift + T
World map Shift + W



Emerick Day 1,784, 06:34


When did we get this?

adrjo Day 1,785, 00:17


sharpe008 Day 1,785, 11:34

foarte tare, bravo

jmurrib21 Day 1,785, 23:13

It's great. Thanks. vote 27

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