Erepublik Politics

Day 4,800, 06:56 Published in Belgium Netherlands by Ministry of eBe Education


Everyone in eRepublik is an eCountry’s citizen (by default, you have the citizenship of the country you were born into).

Unlike in real life, citizens are the core of the political system, even if they do not directly participate in decisions.

For any of the three elections that occur every month (Party, Congress, and Presidential), a citizen is allowed to cast its vote for the candidate s/he supports and wants to get elected during 1 month. As Belgium is a small country, we only have around 35 votes each month and thus any vote is very important.


Some citizens share the same point of view (or just want to hang out with friends). Then they can join the same Political Party to defend their ideas or their point of view together.

The Party President also has the power to appoint the Presidential candidate who will be supported by his/her party, which gives the player strong importance to the Presidential elections.

Every 15th of the month, a Party President is elected for every party. the player is usually considered as the representative of his/her party and can publish news in its name.

Congress is the legislative branch of the political module. Congressmembers decide on important matters like war and taxes. They can also offer Belgian citizenship to foreigners willing to join our beautiful country.

Congress is usually the most powerful group of any country and taking the control of congress is the best way to really take over control of a country.

Congressmembers are elected every 25th of the month.

The president is the representative of Belgians and the leader of the executive branch of the government. Helped by the ministers appointed by him/her, s/he does the day to day management of the country. Moreover, s/he is dealing with foreign affairs and leading negotiations.

In-game, every presidential proposal has to be accepted by the congress, which limits his/her decisional power. However, s/he has some particular proposals s/he’s the only one able to make (for instance Natural Enemy).

The President is elected every 5th of the month and it is always a major event as, contrarily to the congress elections, this is a true popularity contest involving a lot of messages sent,…


The government is appointed by the President after its election. Its purpose is to help the president in all his/her tasks. There are no fixed forms of government but some ministry appears in most governments:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Responsible for managing the ambassadors and discussions with foreign countries.

Ministry of Finance: In charge of the Belgian treasury and taxes.

Political Take-Over

Everything is not pink in the political world. There are some dirty political behaviors among which the most known is the Political Take-Over (PTO).

The principle is to take control of a group (usually a party or congress) to make it act for its own
benefit against the rest of the community.

The opposite of a PTO is an Anti-Take-Over (ATO)


There are other specific structures that do not fall into the previous categories.

For instance, the ambassadors who are in charge of keeping the government and congress aware of the events of foreign countries.

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