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Day 549, 05:51 Published in Croatia USA by Troegenator

Hello dear eCitizens and eRepublik Plusers,

Today’s article will explain all the features of eRepublik Plus in depth. I am getting various questions and your feedback so I feel that something like this is really needed. So, let’s start:

What is eRepublik Plus?

eRepublik Plus is a Greasemonkey user script written in JavaScript that helps eCitizens by extending the base functionality of eRepublik, thus making the game "easier" to play.
It’s envisioned like a "click less - do more" aid that will help you quicker do routine tasks and leave you more time for thinking and making decisions. It uses eAPI in accordance with 6.2 eRepublik Law to deliver richer gaming experience to the eRepublik Community. Source code is publicly available for your reference. It’s a true user generated content made entirely available to other users to use.

How to install eRepublik Plus?

eRepublik Plus requires you to have Mozilla Firefox 3.0.10 or newer web browser (no support for Beta’s of Firefox) and Greasemonkey add-on.

Installation of eRepublik Plus in ten easy steps:

1 Download and install Mozilla Firefox on your computer.
2. Start Mozilla Firefox, go to Greasemonkey site and click ‘Add to Firefox’ green button there.
3. Dialog "Software Installation" will appear. Click "Install Now".
4. New Dialog "Add-ons" will appear. Click "Restart Firefox" there. On next dialog click "Restart".
5. After Firefox restarts you will see "Add-ons" Dialog saying that "1 new add-on has been installed. You can close that dialog now. You should have Greasemonkey installed now.
6. Double check if Greasemonkey is installed by examining right bottom corner of your browser. It should show Monkey icon there if installed properly.
7. Go to eRepublik Plus download page and click green "Install" button it top right corner.
8. Dialog "Greasemonkey Installation" will appear. Here click "Install". If you want, you can examine source code by clicking "Show Script Source".
9. If everything goes well, you will get message ‘eRepublik Plus’ installed successfully in bottom right corner of your browser.
10. Now go to eRepublik and enjoy features eRepublik Plus offers.

Features and how to use them

Once you have successfully installed eRepublik Plus you'll have new features not present in original eRepublik. As you browse from page to page, you will notice that you have some extra links, extra buttons and extra information you did not have before.

Wellness shown on All employees page Feature

Let's assume you are the company owner and you would like to check wellness of your employees as it directly affects productivity of employees and your profit.
If your company has 10 employees, without eRepublik Plus you had to click every single of them and open 10 new windows or tabs in order to check employee wellness. Than you have to write it down somewhere and do your math. With eRepublik Plus, just go to All Employees page and voila – wellness is there!!! Simply copy paste data into your Excel and you are done. No more boring and time consuming typing as well as stressing the game server with gazillion of clicks. eRepublik Plus uses special, dedicated eAPI feed to get wellness of your employees. No stress for you, no stress for gaming server.

Quick Links Feature

eRepublik Plus gives you the ability to define 10 links shown below the main menu.

You can define link caption, URL (including JavaScript!) and if the link will be opened in a new or existing window/tab.
Defining the links is done through eRepublik Plus Settings page (Community > Tools > Plus Settings tab). Simply enter the caption, url and check if you would like to open link in a new window and you are done.

Simple examples of usage would be to define links to your national forum, or you can define link to your very best friend to quickly check if he/she is online. Or, you can for instance add a link to donations page, or if you are donating to your company frequently you can also define link that will bring you directly to that page, including to whom you are donating. Just copy/paste the link from address bar when you are on page where you donate something to someone and it will be available to you just one click away. That way you basically do for yourself whatever you wanted eRepublik Plus natively do. And access to virtually any part of eRepublik is just a SINGLE click away.

Now, let's go to a bit more advanced and more powerful way of using Quick Links.
Type something like "Hello" for caption and for URL put something like: "javascript: alert('Hello eWorld!');" (without the quotes but with apostrophes). Go to your profile and see that link appeared in Quick Links. Now click it and you will get alert box with message Hello eWorld! Just an example, a lot more complex and powerful things can be done this way if you are familiar with JavaScript.

Third feature is that Quick Links allow you to use jQuery, one of the well-known frameworks for JavaScript. It supports a lot of stuff and all that power is available to you now. For example, try adding link with caption "Green" and as a URL put something like "javascript: $j('body').css('background-color', green);" (without quotes). Now again, go to Profile and click Green button. I hope you are now aware of what power you have with eRepublik Plus Quick Links feature.

A lot of power also brings a lot of responsibility. Please be aware of security issues that such a powerful thing brings with it. NEVER, absolutely NEVER EVER copy/paste JavaScript code in URL if you are not ABSOLUTELY sure you know what that code does. Responsibility is all yours!!! So, be smart, be clever, and use the power wisely. Embrace it!

Interactive Map of the New World Feature

Thanks to the cooperation with Gobba, from now on, eRepublik Plus offers you what others were just promising - truly Interactive Map of The New World just a click away. Synergy effect can be clearly experienced. Enjoy!

Wellness calculator on your profile Feature

This is just a pretty simple wellness calculator that calculates your tomorrow's wellness based on your current wellness, your maximum house quality level and maximum food quality level present in your inventory.
It does NOT take into account eventual companies you are General Manager of since I could
not find anyone who owns a company or two under citizen account rather then Organization and was willing to submit some HTML for examination.

BUT with eRepublik Plus Wellness Calculator, you DO NOT have to type values of your current wellness, house and food; script does all this for you and shows result below the current wellness with some visual signals. If your wellness is going to drop tomorrow, it will be shown in red, if it will raise, it will be shown in green. If there will be no change, your new wellness is shown in blue.

And if you put your mouse pointer over new wellness it will show you the change, either positive or negative so you can easily figure out if you are capped by upper boundary of wellness 100. If you see (!) on the right of the new wellness, that means you will exceed 100 wellness limit.

IMPORTANT: Wellness calculator ONLY works when you are on your profile.

Monetary market has ‘Swap currencies’ link Feature

Again, in original eRepublik, you have to click, click, click to do simple task as swap currencies. You have to open Buy filter (click 1), choose currency (click 2), then you have to open Sell filter (click 3) and choose currency there (click 4) just to do swap currencies. A lot of clicks and a lot of stress to server. Now, with eRepublik Plus, just click "Swap currencies’ and you are done. It works on Show offers and Post new offer pages.

"Post new offer’ button is now also more natural. When you were examining some rates, for instance gold to X rate and when you clicked "Post new offer" you actually arrived to the page with a counter offer. It offered you to sell X and buy gold instead of vice versa. eRepublik Plus converts that behavior and makes it more natural. If you don’t share that opinion, just click "Swap currencies" and you can do counter offer. As simple as that.

Unit price of Raw Materials and Products Feature

I’m sure you know that 2 pieces of Q5 raw material are equivalent to 5 pieces of Q2 as well as 10 pieces of Q1. But, when on Marketplace, it shows just a price per piece, not the unit price. So, how to really tell what’s the cheapest resource out there? With eRepublik Plus, it’s easy. It calculates and shows you the unit price (or price per Q) of raw material so you have real and comparable prices of raw materials. No more endless clicking on that Calculator near eRepublik browser window.

Army page displays damage with various quality of weapon Feature

Soldiers, here is something for you! You train daily to improve your strength and use high quality weapons; you do a lot of damage and improve your ranks. But how to know how much damage you’ll do in your next fight? With eRepublik Plus, it’s easy. Just go to Army page and it will show you how much damage you’ll do in your next battle based on your current wellness, strength and rank. For all Qs of weapon, or without it. You don’t have weapons currently but figures shown there are really nice? No problem. Click on quality stars and you will be taken to the local Marketplace to buy weapons of chosen quality. And damage is shown with three decimals as well, just for you to sense how close to your harder punch you are.

Job market filtering Feature

Again, a lot of clicks needed if you want to just find right job for you. First you need to choose your skill, then your level. 4 clicks? I don’t think so. With eRepublik Plus if you click on your skill level on the right you get offers just for your skill and your skill level. Single click - much better. For users and for server. You want to check all job offers for your skill regardless of level? No problem, just click icon of your skill on the right and you’re done. All three skills are yours. Do you want to check salaries for other skills, not yours? Again, no problem. Click whatever icon on the right and you’ll get what you want. Don’t know about you but I got used to this single clicking. Makes my carpal tunnel feeling much better.

Newspaper pages have Translate link and All comments link

eRepublik Plus has support for 40 languages:
Albanian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Croatian,
Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Filipino, Finnish, French, Galician,
German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean,
Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian,
Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese in both directions. You can translate from any of listed to any of listed languages. eRepublik Plus utilizes Google AJAX Language API to achieve this magic.

eRepublik Plus added (All) link near the article Comments so you can now go straight to all comments on the article, not like it is without eRepublik Plus - first 20 and then the rest. No big deal, just one click less to do.

Newspaper and Forum Article Editor on steroids Feature

Always wondered how some folks out there do such a nice layouts for their newspaper and forum articles? They insert images; have various sizes of fonts, italics, underline, but no buttons for that. Well, with eRepublik Plus, you have that buttons. Simply select the text you want to make bold or italic or underline or of different size then default and enter its size and you are done. Select URL of some image and click Image and you will have pictures in your articles as well. Have fun!

Third Party Tools, National Pages and Forums and Plus Settings Feature

Have you ever used that Tools page under Community Menu? Well, same here.🙂🙂🙂
From now on, with eRepublik Plus you have two more tabs there:

- Third Party Tools tab contains links to popular eRepublik Tools like Gobba's Map, eRepTools, eGovernment...
If you are an author of something like that, please let me know and we will see if there is more room in eRepublik Plus to put your tool listed there.

- National Pages and Forums tab contains list of National Forums of various eRepublik nations. Again, if you are in charge of some national forum or page not listed in eRepublik Plus list, or if you find some obsolete or (even worse) broken links, please let me know and I'll be glad to add/update those in eRepublik Plus in first next release.

- Plus Settings tab is used to personalize eRepublik Plus. You can easily turn on/off any feature that eRepublik Plus is offering. Also, here you choose language you want to translate newspaper to and Quick Links.

News description Feature

When I arrive to the News pages, it shows me some news obviously. But without eRepublik Plus, I’ve never known what am I looking at. Are these Latest or Top rated?
eRepublik Plus clearly states what you are looking at.

Save Links Feature

This is pretty "invisible" feature but once you understand it, you will love it and wonder how you could live without it. So, every time you are on some of the following pages:
Marketplace, Monetary market, Job market, Companies for sale, Rankings, Social, Economic, Political and Military stats, Elections, News and Tools, and when you make some selections there, that selections are remembered. Next time you arrive to that page your last selection will be restored. For example:
Go to Marketplace and select Food of Q2 for instance. Now, go to your profile. And then, go back to Marketplace. It will show you offer for Q2 Food because your last selection on that page was preserved for the future. No worries, even if you turn off your browser, last selections are preserved for all the pages mentioned above. Imagine now what can you do with that: you are living in country X but you only read newspaper from country Y. Without eRepublik Plus every single time you have to choose country over and over again. With eRepublik Plus - no more the case. Same goes for the Monetary market offers. You trade daily with just one nice currency with high spread but it’s not your domestic one. Without Save Links, you will have to click and click and click...
And it works so smoothly that some players were reporting defect that they can’t buy a food or apply for a job when using eRepublik Plus. Well, they were in a wrong country.

eRepublik Plus Version Feature

By examining eRepublik Logo in top left corner of your browser you can always know if eRepublik Plus is active. If it is, it will show small ‘plus’ logo near the eRepublik logo.
And since there are updates and fixes done almost daily, we need some kind of versioning. So, if you put your pointer over the ‘plus’ logo, tooltip will show you what version of eRepublik Plus you are currently running. So, if needed, you can upgrade to the latest one.


eRepublik Plus is donationware. You are welcome to donate to the author whatever amount of in-game gold you think author deserves in case you like and use eRepublik Plus. Or whatever you think this tool is worth to you. Please keep it reasonable. Too little donations as 0.01 gold will just spam my messages and too rich ones will be given back. Anything around 1 gold is fair enough IMHO, but I appreciate if you have different opinion. To check how many others are donating, feel free to check donations list of the author of eRepublik Plus.


Script is provided "AS IS" and WITHOUT any warranties. Use on your own responsibility.
Complete source code is publicly available so feel free to check for yourself.

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