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eRepublik, It's Time to Open the World

Day 1,923, 17:20 Published in Canada Canada by Auk Rest

I've had an idea for a while now that I feel might add some sort of entertainment back into the game, and that is the addition of the rest of the world countries to eRepublik. I believe the last country added to the game was Albania, and it's been over a year since we've had a new country.

Obviously a big reason for the fact many countries that are not in the game are not in it to begin with is that their is not a real substantial internet base that could be playing the game. However, filling in the rest of the map would give the ability for players who actually may be from any such country not in the game to involved, but that's not the main idea I'm writing this.

Opening up the rest of the world will present a large chunk of the map that could be used for 'colonial' warfare and open up new fronts that war could be fought from. For entertainment value alone, I think it would be worth it.

Besides, eRepublik has added countries before without any heed to internet penetration of said countries (North Korea, Saudi Arabia, etc.) and has added new nations just to ignite conflicts between countries (Macedonia, Cyprus, Albania), so filling in the rest of the map as a new battlefield wouldn't be too far off.

If eRepublik does this (extraordinarily doubtful), they should also add new resources in these countries not found elsewhere to encourage the takeover of them and wars over resources not found elsewhere.

Ah, but this is all wishful thinking. Just remember, to solve your problems in eRepublik, no matter what they might be, Buy Gold™

-Auk Rest



Venerable Day 1,923, 17:27

Voted for wise advice about buying gold

Plugson Day 1,923, 17:34

Better yet, allow separatism. The nation of eQuebec would make for an interesting chain of events leading up to it.

Cozza Day 1,923, 19:07

Cozzaland on the island formally known as PEI. I will carpet bomb those pesky Quebecis

JL1ni0us Day 1,924, 20:12

Right, and we should allow revolutions...

JL1ni0us Day 1,924, 20:13

Overthrowing the government... That is complicated though...

Plugson Day 1,924, 20:14

If we were permitted to have revolutions, some stuff would have been settled so much faster in eCanada.

JL1ni0us Day 1,924, 20:15

Like the former Canada-Spain Conference pertaining to a possible peace-treaty... Agreed.

Bryan Alexander
Bryan Alexander Day 1,923, 17:42

Would be an interesting twist to the political module if they allowed states to declare independence.
There would be some dramatic twists in Asia I feel; could be fun!

klop123 Day 1,923, 19:03

What about the idea of a resource rental/trading market. Opens entire new possibilities!

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,923, 19:26


If a new resource/good was added, it should stimulate the broken simplistic economy and drive war. It would be interesting if Oil and Moving Tickets were brought back into the game.

TheyCallMeBugs Day 1,923, 20:32

Make Plato happy ... buy gold 😕

T.E. Lwrence
T.E. Lwrence Day 1,925, 00:49


Kokosz Jajko
Kokosz Jajko Day 1,925, 07:23

First new economy model, then bring the rest of countries on map.

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