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eRepublik - Grand Tutorial

Day 1,642, 02:59 Published in Argentina Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) by Black Snakee

Welcome o/

I'm writing this article becouse i want to help to the new players and help them to find the easiest way to grow up and gain more experience in this game.

eRepublik is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online game, web browser game developed by eRepublik Labs which launched on October 21, 2008 and is accessible via the Internet. The game is set in a mirror world (called the New World) where players, referred to as citizens, join in local and national politics where they can help formulate national economic and social policies as well as initiating wars with their neighbours and/or tread the path of a private citizen working, fighting and voting for their state.

After when the new player will finish the registration, he can begin with the playing of this game.

The Home page of eRepublik looks like this:

1. - If you want to check the home page, just click on that icon.
2. - Click on My Placec and you can see your current buildings (Companies, Training Grounds, Storages)
3. - In this tab you can see the current battles and resistances.
4. - Market . (You can buy and sell products or rows there)
5. - In this tab you can find: World Map, My Party, Elections, Military Unit, Invite Friends, My Organizations, Badges)
6. - This is option for buying golds .
7. - Your nickname on the game and if you click on it, you can see your profile.
8. - Your energy (You can use it for fighting or for working in to the companies)
9. - Each hour you are getting 100 energy pluse, if you didn't preese on Eat Food, your energy will be saved here.
10. - Gold, that is the most important thing in this game.
11. - Currency, with them you can buy stuff from the Market, or you can buy golds with them.
12. - Missions.
13. - Messages.
14. - Alerts
15. - Log out.
16. - Daily Tasks (Finish the daily tanks and get a reward!)
17. - Daily Order (If you are a part of Military Unit you can fight for the battle which is top one priority for the MU and get a reward. The reward is. 1 bazooka)
18. - If you want to join in the battles.
19. - Latest Events
20. - Military Campaigns
21. - This is my feeds, and you can read the shouts only of the members in your Military Unit.
22. - Posts of your Friends.
23. - Posts of Party members.
24. - Facebook news
25. - If you want to synchronize your facebook profile with the profile on erepublik.
26. - Erepublik Time.
27. - Search for a citizen.

Next Step is to explain My Places

1. - Current Companies.
2. - Training Grounds. (If you are using them, you can gain more Strength)
3. - Storage.
4. - Health House. (If you have more health houses, you can recive more energy per day)
5. - Your Boss 🙂
6. - If you want to leave your job.
7. - For working in a company, you will lose 10 health of your energy.
8. - Your salary.
9. - Work as a employer for salary.
10. - Open a new company.
11. - Dissolve/Sell a company
12. - Upgrade your companies.
13. - Your Employers.
14. - You need raw materials for producing a food or weapons, you can make your own or you can buy them of a Market.
15. - List of Companies
16. - How much health you will need for working in the companies
17. - How much employers already worked for today.
18. - Start a Production
19. - What kind of raw materials do you need.
20. - The finnaly products.

How to post offers on Job Market.

1. - Add new Offer
2. - Remove/Fire Offer/Employer
3. - Change salary
4. - Active Job Offers
5. - 7 days work presence
6. - Type the salary
7. - Salaries of the other employers/

If you want to put offer on Job Market, Time the amount (how many job offers do you want to piost) and after type the price of the salary and click on SAVE.

The Training Grounds

1. - For buying training grounds.
2. - For Upgrade them.
3. - The price of the training.
4. - The strength you are gained.


1. - Extend your storage.
2. - Final Product in your storage.
3. - Raw Materials in your storage.
4. - Bazooka Parts (While you are fighting you can get bazooka part)
5. - Assembled bazookas.
6. - Select the product and post it for selling.
7. - Price of the product.
8. - You can sell products to the other countries, but for that you need a licence.
9. - Put the product for sale.
10. - Current licences.

Health Houses

1. - Buy a new health house.
2. - Upgrade it.
3. - Health Bonus
4. - Total max. health.


1. - Select the Market.
2. - Select what kind of products you want to buy.
3. - Select what kind of quality do you want to buy.

1. - The kind of product.
2. - Sellers
3. - amount
4. - Price
5. - Change the product
6. - Quantity
7. - Buy

Monetary Market

1. - Select what do you want to sell/buy (Gold or Currency)
2. - Add Offer (To post new offer)
3. - Your offers
4. - All offers

How to post a job offer ?

On Amount write how much currency want to sell.
On Exchange rate type, how much gold for 1 cc (For ex. 1cc = 0.001 g)

You can buy only 10g per day !


If you want to join to the Party, click on Community and than Click on My Party.

You can create your own country or you just can join to other party...

Click to Join Party.

After when you click on that button, you can check the list of all Parties in your country.


Click of the name of the Party to check the Part Page...

If you want to Join to the Party just click: JOIN PARTY

As a Party member you can run for a elections and vote !

Resistance Module

If you want to support a resistance war:
1. First you must move to the region which is occupied by other country.
2. Must have 1000 currency in your account to support the RW.
3. Click on Support button,
4. Confirm.

Profile Stats

1. - Nick
2. - Edit Profile
3. - Experience lvl
4. - Info
5. - Change Location (If you want to change your location)
6. - Change Citizen Ship (You can change your CS too)
7. - Achievements (If you get medal the reward is 5g)
8. - eRepublik Birthday
9. - National Rank
10. - Military Unit
11. - Newspaper (You can create a newspaper and write articles in it)
12. - Friends (All your Friends)
13. - How much dmg. you need for next Military Rank
14. - How much str. you need for next Super Soldier medal.
15. - Strength
16. - Your Military Rank


If you want to find some information about country here is the link:

1. - Country
2. - Society
3. - Economy
4. - Politic
5. - Military
6. - Administration
7. - Active citizens in the Country
8. - Active citizens in the New World
9. - Citizenship requests
10. -Online citizen in the County
11. - Online citizens in the World

********************************** Economy **********************************

1. - Resources (More resources, more bonus)
2. - Regions
3. - Treasury of the Country

If the Country has more different resources, the citizens of that country can produce more raw and products per day:



Black Snakee
Black Snakee Day 1,642, 03:01

eRepublik - Grand Tutorial!
~ Chain Shout ~

Kismu Day 1,642, 03:04

Nice work.

Omega razer
Omega razer Day 1,642, 03:05


Pejoski WarMaster
Pejoski WarMaster Day 1,642, 03:07


Uber kiko
Uber kiko Day 1,642, 03:10

Awesome shit xD Good job : P

Nick Meis
Nick Meis Day 1,642, 03:13


Zoca88 Day 1,642, 03:16

brw v+s

Ardianta Jaka Prabawa
Ardianta Jaka Prabawa Day 1,642, 03:17

good job


JOKAZOWNS Day 1,642, 03:36

gj v

MaCeDoNa Day 1,642, 04:00


Franco Cuervo
Franco Cuervo Day 1,642, 04:58

comprate un perro, ladrón!!!

KepenciMKD Day 1,642, 06:10

nice one o/

Lucas Meneses Day 1,642, 06:18

Comment deleted

blackca in Myu Heaven
blackca in Myu Heaven Day 1,642, 06:20


CultoSnm Day 1,642, 07:20

ahora hace un tutorial de como quedar congresista 😳

Carlo Giuliani Arancio
Carlo Giuliani Arancio Day 1,642, 07:48

Alto donador...

bucefalo4 Day 1,642, 08:53


Aimee Dor
Aimee Dor Day 1,642, 09:06


Innocent Killer
Innocent Killer Day 1,642, 10:46

superb job

LANCHALOCA Day 1,642, 12:02

Comment deleted

mcbaron67 Day 1,642, 13:40


elcanyonero Day 1,642, 18:39

a tu hermana la voto

garpito Day 1,642, 19:51

joojo ladri como vaaarios aka!!!

Federia Day 1,642, 20:23

TOvero, que hace los tutoriales con las fotos de UMA... alto FAIL

Cnel Aureliano Buendia
Cnel Aureliano Buendia Day 1,642, 20:25

es por q esta en UMA Federia.. no creo q nadie se cambie de PP para sacar unas fotos ^^

f3de Day 1,642, 20:32

Jajajaja, encima el tovero es capitan de la MU? Failers..

Excelsior.HMA Day 1,642, 20:47

Fyromians everywhere.

Tte. Sosa
Tte. Sosa Day 1,642, 20:47

Hail UMA (?)
hk-EnFisk stay forever... we love you, you can be a rock star in Argentina...

Federia Day 1,642, 21:08

No entendiste bien me parece Fabián Gregorat.

Dark Panzer
Dark Panzer Day 1,642, 23:12

great job! V!

PN60 Day 1,643, 00:29

good job Mr. Tovero!

SKAPBAIRES Day 1,643, 00:57

esta bueno el tutorial pero no lo voto xq esta en inglés y yo soy ARGENTINO

Milo666 Day 1,643, 03:09

hk my dear, awesome job!

Ace Veles
Ace Veles Day 1,643, 03:57


Black Snakee
Black Snakee Day 1,643, 05:49

Milo666 my sweetheart, thank you !

imspike Day 1,643, 06:18

nice job hk! incredible dedication

Giuliana Daniela
Giuliana Daniela Day 1,643, 06:58

Ahí están todos los golds de las ventas de ciudadanías!!! 🙂

La leyenda
La leyenda Day 1,643, 07:57

125 gold! 😮

Nimoht Day 1,643, 08:39

hk-Enfisk: parla in cristiano, porca miseria!

RosarioHotep Day 1,643, 10:28

Nop entiendo ingles

Gelcrazed Day 1,643, 13:06

Comment deleted

Anabelle_Lee Day 1,643, 13:32

Que alguien le pase ars a darkmau por el amor de dios!

juanma120973 Day 1,643, 13:46

no entiendo nada

juanma120973 Day 1,643, 13:47

como se juega a esto?

DarkAvZ Day 1,643, 15:02

Good tutorial, voted for increased visibility.

Pibasog Day 1,643, 17:47

Spanish pls

The Ragnarokk Day 1,643, 18:38

Comment deleted

B A T A T I T A Day 1,643, 19:02


you should post a tutorial on "how to buy a citizenship" "catador de glandes" !!!

FANTASINO Day 1,643, 19:59

no entiendo un joraca, alguien que me ayude o voy a dejar el juego antes de empezarlo!

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