eRepublik Chess World Cup

Day 3,398, 12:13 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Napoleon Tibi

Welcome to Chess World!
eRepublik Chess World Cup will be hosted on the 30th of April starting with 1700 GMT.

Your host country :

The rules are simple. We will play Swiss System with Buchholz System as Primary separation in case of equality.

What's Swiss System ?
Swiss System is a system in which the players play with other players that have same amount of points as them. Usually there are played 7, 9 or 11 rounds.
We will play 7.

What's Buchholz ?
Buchholz is the sum of the points of your opponents.

Where ?
Matches take place on Lichess.

Game settings :
We will play BLITZ Games (5 minutes/each player, no time bonus/move)

And FINNALY, Prizes!

1st place - 20 000 cc
2nd place - 15 000 cc
3rd place - 10 000 cc

Isn't that cool ? 😉

Arbiters : Napoleon Tibi and Rican +other volunteers 🙂

Government of SWITZERLAND
Congress Member and Advisor of Swiss Government