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eRepublik Chess World Cup

Day 3,398, 12:13 Published in Switzerland Japan by Napoleon Tibi

Welcome to Chess World!
eRepublik Chess World Cup will be hosted on the 30th of April starting with 1700 GMT.

Your host country :

The rules are simple. We will play Swiss System with Buchholz System as Primary separation in case of equality.

What's Swiss System ?
Swiss System is a system in which the players play with other players that have same amount of points as them. Usually there are played 7, 9 or 11 rounds.
We will play 7.

What's Buchholz ?
Buchholz is the sum of the points of your opponents.

Where ?
Matches take place on Lichess.

Game settings :
We will play BLITZ Games (5 minutes/each player, no time bonus/move)

And FINNALY, Prizes!

1st place - 20 000 cc
2nd place - 15 000 cc
3rd place - 10 000 cc

Isn't that cool ? 😉

Arbiters : Napoleon Tibi and Rican +other volunteers 🙂

Government of SWITZERLAND
Congress Member and Advisor of Swiss Government


Rican Day 3,398, 13:00

Pretty damn awesome dude !!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for putting this together !


Rican Day 3,398, 13:05

for shouting:

eRepublic Chess World Cup

Get your game on !

Bane Pozarevac
Bane Pozarevac Day 3,398, 13:21


Mrischmasch Day 3,398, 14:11

I'll kick everyone's ass

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 3,398, 15:01


Etonip Day 3,398, 15:47


Stenka Razin
Stenka Razin Day 3,398, 18:01


teXou Day 3,398, 18:06


Hitman79 Day 3,398, 18:16


poletarec Day 3,398, 19:07


Napoleon Tibi
Napoleon Tibi Day 3,399, 01:09

Thank you all! 🙂 We have modified the prizes! Now the prizes are even bigger! 45 000 total prizes! 🙂

Bombay bomb
Bombay bomb Day 3,399, 01:28

I wont be able to participate as I am busy in the first 2 weeks of May. Good to know about Lichess. There is also Chess arena, check that out too! All the best to the participants.

Napoleon Tibi
Napoleon Tibi Day 3,399, 01:59

I know chess arena 🙂 Do you play on ChessCube/VelocityChess?

AG.Ortiz Day 3,399, 01:56

eSwiss always amazing.!!!!

Napoleon Tibi
Napoleon Tibi Day 3,399, 02:00


Sotar Glas
Sotar Glas Day 3,399, 03:36

Step 1 - Install a chess game like Chessmaster etc.
Step 2 - Select Kasparov age 10
Step 3 - Mirror opponent's moves

Napoleon Tibi
Napoleon Tibi Day 3,399, 04:33

😁) I've played at the national champs

Citizen 8942290
Citizen 8942290 Day 3,399, 15:53

Step 2 - Select Kasparov age 8 will do!

Deflection Day 3,399, 04:21


Pony do Inferno
Pony do Inferno Day 3,399, 10:55


Comandante Mono
Comandante Mono Day 3,399, 14:19

coool 😃

Peac eis GOOD
Peac eis GOOD Day 3,399, 14:54


Pony do Inferno
Pony do Inferno Day 3,399, 16:07

P.s.: I forgot to ask: in this cup there will be only 1 player for nation (and in this case every nation should perform a qualification phase) or it's open for everyone who wants to play?


Napoleon Tibi
Napoleon Tibi Day 3,400, 03:26

Open to everyone! 🙂

Pony do Inferno
Pony do Inferno Day 3,400, 10:12

Nice, thanks!

Sr.Lacerda Day 3,400, 10:37


# Brasil Golpista Government.
/ Shame Syndicate That Does not Take Attitudes!

Arkhimed Day 3,400, 19:11

I'll play

Hediondu Day 3,401, 03:47

where i sign up??

Good move guys (although I have something to do with it... 😛 )

Napoleon Tibi
Napoleon Tibi Day 3,401, 04:46

You can register by subscribing to this newspaper and I'll post the updates 🙂
Add me to friends also 🙂

Napoleon Tibi
Napoleon Tibi Day 3,401, 04:46

Everyone! Subscribe to the newspaper - as I will post updates, and add me to friends, to keep in touch!

criadonline the Great
criadonline the Great Day 3,401, 11:37

I want participate

Pony do Inferno
Pony do Inferno Day 3,401, 11:37

Translated and published in Portugal!

Napoleon Tibi
Napoleon Tibi Day 3,401, 11:53

Thank you a lot for your support! 🙂 Voted+Endorsed!
We hope to see you participating! 🙂

OogieBoogie3 Day 3,415, 07:35

I'm down for Blitz.

Napoleon Tibi
Napoleon Tibi Day 3,415, 08:25

Great! 🙂

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