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Erepublik Bible: Part One

Day 1,675, 00:38 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Affairs

By RizonPT
Assistant Deputy Secretary of Education

So...this is the first article of a series of six. This tutorial aims to help those who are younger in eRepublik but of course everyone should see it even if don’t need.

| Index
1. My Places
>>1.1 - Work
>>1.2 – Training Grounds
>>1.3 - Storage
>>1.4 –Companies
>>1.5 – Health Buildings

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>> 1. My Places

1º - Companies: Here you can work for your boss that will pay you and you can also work on your own companies.
2º - Training Grounds: Here you will be able to improve your strength.
3º - Storage: This is the place where you can see how much food, weapons, Raw materials and all other products as bazookas or energy bars, you have in your account.
4º - Health Buildings: You can see here how much Health Bonus you receive every day and you can also buy other Buildings that will give you more Health Bonus.

>> 1.1 Work

Working as an employee is the most common and simple way to achieve money in eRepublik. When you work, there is a panel that tells you how much money have you received (taxes already deducted) [1] and If you work 30 days in a row, you get the medal of hard worker. In the details, you can see the number of consecutive days you've worked [2], the experience gained while working [3] and the health that you have lost [4].You can only work once per day in each company.

If you have a company, you can work as a manager. In doing so, you will not receive salary, but rather the product of your work. All other aspects are equal to the work as an employee.

>> 1.2 Training Grounds

Training is a task that you should try to do every day because it is the basis of your strength in battle, and the stronger you are more you can help your country. You can train up to 4 times a day and only one of them is for free, and the other three imply gold for each use and gives you a different amount of force [1].

Each time you earn 250 points of strength, you receive the Medal of super soldier. You can see the strength that you have [2] and, like when you work, you also gain 2 experience points [3] and you also loses 10 points of health [4]. You should be able to see how much Gold did you spend on your training [5].

>> 1.3 Storage

In the Storage, you can see the items you own. The storage has a capacity [1] that can be increased by purchasing Storage in the menu, My Land. Of those items, includes the final products (ready to use) [2], the raw materials [3] and the collections [4].

The Collections are special items that give you unique abilities, after you’ve all those materials, you can assemble them all. Right now the only collection that you can collect is, the Bazookas [5]

The Bazookas are special weapons that allow you, to kill your opponent with one hit, always giving Influence of 10000, with 3 uses. To make a bazooka, you need five pieces that are randomly picked up in the battlefield.

More below, you have the quick access to the market. You can sell [1] and buy [2] products and raw materials of market place. To sell, simply choose the type of product, quantity and the unit price [3], you can only sell to countries that you've a license to sell (Your original country is one by definition) [4]. Immediately below, you can see the items that you have for sale [5].

>> 1.4 Companies

1º - Company of Food Raw Material: There are five types of buildings: Grain Farm, Fruit Orchard, Fishery, Cattle Farm Hunting Lodge. The more expensive, higher production
2º - Company of Weapons Raw Material: There are five types of buildings: Iron Mine, Oil Rig, Aluminum Mine, Mine Saltpeter, Rubber Plantation. The more expensive, higher production
3º - Factories: There are two types of factories, food and weapons, and these two types can evolve from Q1 to Q6, producing quality goods accordingly. Create a business costs 10 G.
4º - Storage: Two types of storage, the storage 1000 (costs 1750 CC) and 9000 (costs 35 Gold)
5º - Training Buildings: There are four types of buildings you can build, the Training Grounds (Free), the Climbing Center (costs 100 CC), Shooting Range (costs 200 CC), and Special Forces (costs 300 CC).

Products Created
The amount of products you create when you work depends from the company type and resource bonuses your country have.

Raw Material Usage
From this table you can see the required amount of raw materials when you work in different quality companies with different kinds of resource bonuses.

Example: You work in Q4 weapon company and the resource bonus is 60%. You need 640 units of weapon raw material to create the 16 weapons.

Evolving business allows you to produce products of superior quality. The top quality companies are generally more profitable. On the other hand, are more expensive exponentially. Create a company from scratch and evolve it to Q5, costs 380 Gold. It is a heavy investment.

Mentor Program

Are you a new player looking for some help learning the ropes, or perhaps you're new to the eUS and you're trying to find your way around. Either way the Mentor Program may be just what you need. The Mentor Program provides you with a one-on-one relationship with a mentor who can help you become better acquainted with the country and the game. If you would like to request a mentor please fill out
The Mentor Request Form.

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The link to the president's paper is still Artela's.

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Why hasn't the Book of Dio been mentioned here?

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