eRepublik Battles Take to the Skies

Day 3,165, 19:51 Published in USA USA by USAF Media
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USAF Newsletter Day 3165 - eRepublik Battles Take to the Skies

Dateline: Wednesday, July 20, 2016 (Day 3165)
Location: United States Armed Forces HQ, Denver

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: 1 : eRepublik Battles Take to the Skies
: 2 : War News
: 3 : Vintage Poster
: Movie : Hell's Angels - Howard Hughes' 1930 epic WWI Air War movie

Editor’s Note: A disgruntled former employee logged into this and other DoD Orgs, stole all the funds, and among other vandalism deleted some Newsletter articles.
I reposted my working copies of them at the James S Brady Press Room-- those are raw, lacking post-publication edits, but they're fine. Sorry for the inconvenience, I know how much you depend on having all your USAF Newsletters stacked neatly here.

eRepublik Battles Take to the Skies
by SecMed George Armstrong Custer

So Plato finally let us build Q1 Air Raws and Missiles, then with just a few days' production under our belts we've been turned loose on the battlefield with 'em. Today we'll have a look at how this whole thing is working out so far.

You'll need plenty of these things, because they go away at 1 piece per Fight click. And you'd better be making your own, 'cause the cost of buying them flew past $100 a pop to now over $200 apiece. Then again, maybe you can afford to pay for 'em now that wages are up around $300 a Work-- if your employer can afford that. Or you might abandon him for some stranger, and hope he'll keep you on more than a few days.

Anyways, now with fresh missiles burning a hole in your pocket, you're off to war. But wait, you can't just waltz in on any old war, you have to catch one that's in it's 4th, 8th or 12th battle-- you can see that on the Wars page, the ones in Air Battle mode are marked with a neat little winged icon. 

Once you're there, clicking is clicking, it's the familiar big red Fight button.. except we're all starting out as Air Noobs, so at first the damage is small and advancement is fast. Blast away, and before long you'll be a Senior Airman-- with a few asterisks, even..!


If you shop around, you might even find an Air Battle where they're throwin' money at you to fight!
Is this how it's going to be now? Combat Orders set to $15,000 and $25,000 per million?

I talked with a few fighters, and employers, for their impressions of the first day of Air Wars.

Evry: Wages will remain high. How high? unclear. Perhaps around 150-200. House prices are likely going to rise as a result.

Custer: so we're moving into almost two separate economies, it seems.. no one will want to pay such wages for WAM'able goods, and non-WAM goods will drive wages up and drag only their non-WAM goods with them?
sounds like this will push more and more players out of small business and into communes.

Resoula: And if it pushes more players into communes, the wages will rise even higher due to lack of workers.

Ilene Dover: there have been two economies since forever. It's not possible to pay market salaries and produce Q7 weapons profitably. Don't get me started on the money sinks called Q7 food factories. All work tickets have made houses and HRM only, for ages now.

Custer: My own employer bumped me to $275 a click, with the understanding that this is only good for a couple of days till this all shakes out. But I did almost jump ship on him, and inquired to another employer who was offering $300.

Daniel Cheers: Well I'll tell you this: if you choose the right place to produce air weapons with this crazy enthusiasm (about 200cc each shoot) related to the new war-module you can reach the Break even in less than 3 days!!! (I mean 1500 cc of net profit per company per day with an approximately bonus of 170😵.
I personally invested around 350 gold in this new industry. The market will fix all of its prices in a very short time (couple of weeks), hope this time won't be so fast to turn from high profit to unuseful like the other actual industries (no one of them has got a very interesting ROI).
p.s. I'm enjoying the new war module fighting without weapons: at this moment I choose money instead rank points!

At this point it's really all a crap shoot. If today's Wage and Price spikes hold, the division between the Haves and Have Nots will increase dramatically. It's already more sensible, unless you're a high roller, to fight bare handed in the Air Wars.

If Plato is paying attention, he might see that he's not going to cultivate new gold buyers like this, and regular buyers will slow down or even stop till the runaway inflation levels out. Don't hold your breath for sound economic adjustments, though, that's never been Plato's strong suit.

We'll be monitoring the situation-- from Wages and Prices to fighters and employers-- and you can expect to see more on this story in future editions of the WHPR and USAF Newsletter.

War News

No Maps today-- pretty sure by now you know what Ireland and Spain look like, and how to find them without a screenshot.
The news on those two fronts is simple: GTFO. We've overstayed our welcome in Ireland, and we're done in Spain, so when you see RWs to offload regions in these places fight to give them back.

Ireland is attacking Canada at Labrador-Newfoundland, so if you see an Ireland-Canada fight, Fight for Ireland.

Latvia-Lithuania is Latvia-Lithuania, same as ever. Fight for Latvia.

Argentina's troubles are not over. Fight for Argentina.

Follow your DOs, check the DoD Orders, use your head and fight smart.

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eRepublik Battles Take to the Skies
How's This Air War Thing Working Out For You?