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eRepublik and android app

Day 1,868, 15:09 Published in Estonia Estonia by Buckler


I'm having an idea of creating erepublik android app to make erepublik popular among smartphone users also. Are you guys interested in such app and if you are then I can investigate it further and see if erepublik site owners agree to such thing. I would like to optimize the screen resolution to fin in most android phones and create an app not a link to erepublik web page. So please give me lots of feedbak and ideas how to make it better.



The Lord Jon Snow
The Lord Jon Snow Day 1,869, 01:24

good idea

Pealik Day 1,869, 04:22


exsxx Day 1,869, 13:30

Awesome. You rock!

jaars Day 1,870, 00:30

tore idee

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