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erepublik: 5 years ( part 1 )

Day 1,826, 17:04 Published in Canada Australia by Genyng Kislev

I’m sure you’ve noticed that big green banner up top proclaiming eRepublik’s anniversary when you logged in today. Our friend Plato has given us some shiny new deals and bonuses that last until this Friday (day 1830) but I’m going to stop you before you go and spend your stash of that hard-earned gold on these nice promotional offers. Are clicking these flashy buttons worth it?

Well, the banner declares 8 things:
- The return of the rocket and the bomb
- 50% damage bonus in battles
- 5% strength bonus from all training grounds
- Rocket Factories use up 50% less resources
- A purchasable training center
- Damage Boosters are 50% off
- Storage expansions are 50% off
- Energy building are 50% off

Rockets & Bombs --- MASS DESTRUCTION!
From now until the end of day 1830, you get rewarded with weapons of mass destruction for every Campaign Hero Medal and Battle Hero Medal that you earn. If I’m not mistaken, this is how it works:

Battle Hero:
1x Bomb – 0.5m dmg

Campaign Hero:
1x Missile – 1m dmg

These babies are insanely tempting, and I can assure you it’s going to take a bunch more damage than usual to get your hands on a BH / CH medal. When used in the right battle at the right time, these beasts can turn the tide on any decisive battle. If you’re confident that you can get the BH / CH, go for it! But if not, don’t release your secret bazooka+tanks in a hopeless attempt; save them up for later when your country could really use a bit more damage.

Damage Increase --- steroids, much?
Yup, this little perk sounds like a great incentive to go for one of those rockets and bombs! Unfortunately, the main benefits of this lean towards those with higher strength and better guns. In fact, this makes it harder for lower strength soldiers to get those BH/CH bonuses, while putting the heat on high strength players to race for a medal.

This mandatory steroid injection does allow for a quicker progression towards a True Patriot Medal as well as giving you the opportunity to boost up that ‘highest damage in a campaign’ stat on your profile.

Daily Strength Bonuses
All of your training grounds now give you 105% of their normal strength production at the normal cost. This is definitely going to bring you closer to your next super soldier medal! The bonus is as follows:

Training Grounds
Q1: 5 + 0.25 str
Q2: 10 + 0.5 str
Q3: 15 + 0.75 str
Q4: 20 + 1 str

Climbing Center
Q1: 2.5 + 0.125 str
Q2: 5 + 0.25 str
Q3: 7.5 + 0.375 str
Q4: 10 + 0.5 str

Shooting Range
Q1: 5 + 0.25 str
Q2: 10 + 0.5 str
Q3: 15 + 0.75 str
Q4: 20 + 1 str

Special Forces Center
Q1: 10 + 0.5 str
Q2: 20 + 1 str
Q3: 30 + 1.5 str
Q4: 40 + 2 str

Birthday BootCamp
Q1: 5 + 0.25 str

I believe +0.125str is rounded down to +0.12str

Cheaper Rocket Manufacturing
All this really does is reduce the amount of resources needed to create rockets by 50%. This type of discount is rather rare, and I strongly suggest you take advantage of these cheap rocket manufacturing costs. The reduction is as follows:

Rocket Factory Tier1:
weapons needed per Q: 10 5
currency needed: 100 50

Rocket Factory Tier2:
weapons needed per Q: 25 12
currency needed: 250 125

Rocket Factory Tier3:
weapons needed per Q: 50 25
currency needed: 500 250

Rocket Factory Tier4:
weapons needed per Q: 100 50
currency needed: 1000 500

Rocket Factory Tier5:
weapons needed per Q: 150 75
currency needed: 1500 750

This is it for Part1 of “erepublik: 5 years”! Part2 will cover the remaining anniversary features later today.
~ g.k

* * *

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killer2001 Day 1,826, 17:51


Auk Rest
Auk Rest Day 1,826, 20:06

Another great article! (:

TheyCallMeBugs Day 1,828, 11:20

Correction on the benefits of a BH, for Div 1 BH winners, the bomb is 75K.

As well, Bazookas with boosters to not get the benefit of the 50% damage boost in attacks

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