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eRepublik 5 Years Celebration

Day 1,826, 01:00 Published in Sweden Sweden by Jedi Schmedi

The New World has half a decade of history so we have prepared many surprises for you.

Starting Day 1826 until Day 1832 you will have the following bonuses:

1. +50% more damage for each hit in a battle (including Bazooka hits)
Note: the bonus damage will NOT be applied to Rockets

2. 50% Less production resources needed for Rocket Factory.

3. Receive 5% more strength for each train! This will be applied to all the current Training building you have

4. For each Battle Hero Medal and Campaign Medal you will receive the Mass destruction weapons.

5. Damage Booster 50% less Gold for each type of booster available in the Special Item page.

6. Storage 50% discount. The promotion is available for the 1000, 9000 and 20.000 storages.

7. New Training Ground: Birthday BootCamp.

- Cost 5 Gold
- Building durability: 7 days starting the day you purchase it
- Gives you 5 strength points each day with 0 training costs.
- The 5% strength bonus will NOT be applied to this building
- You will be able to purchase the BootCamp from the Special item store between Day 1826 and Day 1832

8. Anniversary reward:

- Similar with the Daily Task: you need to Get the Reward in 5 consecutive days in order to get to the new reward.
- The Anniversary reward will be available only 7 days (Staring 1826 until Day 1832) and each day you will receive the following

1st: 50 Experience Points
2nd: 5 Bazookas
3rd: 5 Bazooka Boosters
4th: 5 Energy Bars
5th: 5 Gold

9. Energy Buildings - 50% less Gold purchasable from the Special Item page. If you already have the +50 and +100 Energy buildings, you will not see them

10. Get up to 5 Energy Bars for inviting new citizens. During the anniversary week for each validated referral you will receive 1 Energy bar. You cannot receive more than 5 Energy Bars.

5 days of chaos ahead!




Jedi Schmedi
Jedi Schmedi Day 1,826, 04:54

Champagne @ my place tonight!

Maze Putin Stalfitta
Maze Putin Stalfitta Day 1,826, 07:50

Skumpa och skaka rumpa?

Jedi Schmedi
Jedi Schmedi Day 1,826, 08:34

You bet! 🙂

Veritas Aequitas
Veritas Aequitas Day 1,826, 13:57

Finns det någon tidsbegränsning på själva byggnaderna 'Energy Building'? Eller ger de utökad totalenergi för evigt?

SandroTheDark Day 1,826, 14:46

ja veritas. Ge utökad för evigt. 550 elle 600 hp som max alltså.

Jedi Schmedi
Jedi Schmedi Day 1,826, 22:48

Skulle dock rekommendera att få stadig ekonomi innan du slösar guld på sånt.
Energin brukar vara rätt okej i början. 😉

Veritatem Day 1,827, 00:14

Bargh.. ekonomi, who cares? 😛
jag har alla training groungs på q4, och jag pendlar mellan 8-800kr i veckan. xD

Jedi Schmedi
Jedi Schmedi Day 1,827, 03:36

50% billigare guld idag.
Jag spår 50% rea på företag!

Maze Putin Stalfitta
Maze Putin Stalfitta Day 1,827, 05:40

Epenis 5cm celebration, Rea är när prognoser inte uppfylls så eGuldet minskar i värde i förhållande till efterfrågan

Maximalus Day 1,827, 07:38

vadå få mass des?
har inte fått nått sånt...

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