Day 4,383, 01:56 Published in Romania Romania by Clopoyaur
You asked for it, you got! MEME COMPETITION!!!

The rules are simple:

Create a meme about Erepublik (it can be about the Anniversary, the Clone Wars, the modules, you name it), put it in an article and publish it. Then leave a link to the article in the comments.
Stating time: now
End of submissions: at the end of this week, Sunday midnight (Day 4387, 14:00 Erep time)

Rules: You can use any image and any words as long as they are not obscene or against the Erepublik laws. You can only have one meme registered for the competition per article (if you have more, make more articles). Still, there is a limit of 3 entries per Erepublik player.

1 - 200 Gold
2 - 100 Gold
3 - 50 Gold
4 - 30 Gold
5 - 20 Gold
6 - 10 Gold
* All prizes are coming from Plato. If additional Sponsors show up, more prizes may be added.

Ranking determination:
* After the submission deadline has passed I will make an article with all the memes and you people will get the chance vote your favorite Top 5 - This will count for 50% of the final score
* Get as many votes for your article with the meme - This will count for 15% of the score
* Plato's Top10 - This will count for 20% of the score
* My personal vote will count as 15% of the score

HIGHEST SCORE WINS! Winners will be declared on Thursday, November 28th

Good luck everyone!