Erepublik 11 ClopoCrew Celebration: NOVEMBER GOLD RAIN!

Day 4,017, 04:37 Published in Romania Romania by Clopoyaur

[UPDATE 1: Prize list adde😛 ]
[UPDATE 2: Clopoyaur Quest form link: ]

It's time to celebrate again! Clopo Crew Style!

Erepublik turns 11 years of existance and this is a good reason to go crazy again with prizes like NEVER BEFORE!
The celebration on Clopoyaur TV starts on Tuesday, November 20th, at 11:00 Erep time and lasts for 11 days. With the help of Plato (providing the generous prizes, yeah, Plato was truly generous), here is what I have prepared in the backpack for you:


Plato's Wheel returns with more crazy prizes. This time you are not relying on luck, all the BIG prizes are guaranteed, because we will spin the wheel until all of them are won. What BIG PRIZE means? Something like that:
1 x Power Pack
1 x Combat Stash
1 x Infantry Kit
1 x Blitzkrieg Pack
1 x Tycoon Pack
1 x War Stash
1 x Maverick Pack
1 x Assault Pack
1 x 1111 Gold
1 x 511 Gold
1 x 111 Gold
3 x 44 Gold
1 x 1111111 cc
1 x 511111 cc
3 x 111111 cc
3 x 33.333 cc (the winner has to give the prize to 3 friends)
5 x 11111 cc
And I did not even mention the prizes below 10k cc

Once a BIG prize is won, that prize is removed from the wheel. One person can only win ONE unique (1x in the list above) prize, but in case he is drawn multiple times, he can get a consolation prize or other not unique prizes.

Since the amount of prizes is considerable, they will be awarded in more streams in the next 11 days.
To ensure the fairness, Clopoyaur TV will be LIVE and will spin the wheel also in the prime-time of zones like Asia/Australia and Americas. The dates will be announced via my Discord channell:


A pure golden Pyramid will spawn on Clopoyaur TV on Tuesday, November 20th, around 12:00 Erepublik time.

You cannot resist this tempation. There are always two options: take the prize and be the Phaorao or just give it away and advance. Greed versus group work. This battle has never been more challenging. Can you resist the tempation?
Last year we reached 10.000 Gold. Can we do it again?


Are you good and fast at puzzles? Accept my quest!

11 different quests and each one gives a clue. Together, all the clues form the "big picture" of the puzzle. The one that solves first the final puzzle is the winner.

Each quest grants the winner 111 Gold, therefore 11 prizes x 111 Gold. The prize for the final quest is 1111 Gold.

The quests will be launched in different moments and in different days during my streams. I will not repeat the quest once it was released, it is the viewers' job to gather all the pieces of the puzzle. To ensure fairness, the response to each quest will be sent via a google form, as in this way I can identify who was first in case more people know the answer. The form can be found here: and can be used anytime.

Example of quest/riddle:
“I am here and there, everywhere and nowhere! Don't look for me, I have already found you!”
The answer is: "Clopoyaur" as this quote can be found in my Erepublik description, therefore the clue is: Clopoyaur

NOTE: All prizes will be handed over by Plato, therefore expect a 24-48 hours delay until you will get your prize. The status of prizes can be tracked in this sheet:

Everything happens on Clopoyaur TV where you can also gather Clopo$$$ which you can spend on bets or cool rewards show here:
You can take part in normal giveaways! You can take the challenge of the Trasure Chests.
And, of course, have a lot of fun!

(click on the picture)

Let's make a celebration like never before!!!