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eRep Olympics London 2012: Beach volley and hurdles

Day 1,796, 11:23 Published in Belgium Belgium by Cooke4444

1. 110m Hurdles FINAL

1. Macedonia
2. Japan
3. Samoa

4. Indonesia
5. Germany
6. Australia
7. Turkey
8. Netherlands

2. Beach Volleyball: FINALS

For bronze:

Indonesia vs. Algeria

For Gold:

Venezuela vs. Samoa

Medal standings

Medal standings:

1. Venezuela (5G, 3S)
2. Turkey (5G, 1S, 2B)
3. Macedonia (4G, 5S, 3B)
Samoa (4G, 5S, 3B)
5. Indonesia (3G, 3S, 3B)
6. Greece (3G, 1S)
7. Romania (3G, 2B)
8. Japan (1G, 6S, 3B)
9. Germany (1G, 1B)
10. Luxembourg (3S, 1B)
11.Australia (1S)
Belgium (1S)
13. Sweden (3B)
Algeria (3B)
15. UK (2B)
Argentina (2B)
17. San Marino (1B)


Javelin: FINAL
Decathlon: DAY 1
800m: HEATS
Boxing: FINALS

(Only 3 days left)


tommot Day 1,796, 11:37

looking forward to the next one. : )

Viridi Day 1,796, 20:51


Vincent Pain
Vincent Pain Day 1,798, 07:02

V 9

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