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- Abstract -

eRep MentorWatch is a Greasemonkey script that can be used to take some workload off Mentors when dealing with eBabies. The script offers a simple and fast interface showcasing all the general characteristics of your eBabies. The scrips was written for Greasemonkey and Firefox, Internet Explorer is not supported nor do I plan to work on that issue. Reports say that the script is not working properly on Explorer and the corresponding version of Greasemonkey.

- Operation -

To add a new player to MentorWatch you should visit their profile and new "Add to MentorWatch" link shall appear in the pane on the left hand side. Once you click it, it will become a link for removing the specified player from the MentorWatch database.

<img src="" alt="Profile link" title="Profile link">

The MentorWatch panel is placed on he right hand side, just above the adds so it doesn't affect the page layout. The panel overview is visible on the next picture. The player user names have been purposely blacked out.

<img src="" alt="Panel overview" title="Panel overview">

The next picture explains in more detail the content shown on the MentorWatch panel. On top there is an update link which allows you to refresh the data at any moment. Just beside it, there is a language switch link with which you can change the interface texts language from Croatian to English and vice-versa. In the top right corner of every entry there are two buttons, one for direct access to PM, the other for removing the corresponding player from MentorWatch. The player nicknames are also links to their profiles.

On the bottom end there is an icon which signals the existence of some open battle in the region and at the same time it provides a link to that battle.

<img src="" alt="Panel functionality" title="Panel functionality">

The following picture explains more details. Every entry shows the player wellness level, which turns red when it drops below the threshold. Below that experience is displayed, to the right changes for the last few days are emphasized and graphically for the past five days on the far right. This way it's easy to assess the players state with one quick glance.

The bottom row displays players strength and the skill he's most proficient with. Also, the hospital quality for the players region is displayed. Finally, the status area gives out warnings about the players state, more specifically they signal if the player has started losing wellness or stopped gaining experience, which would indicate he's no longer active.

For almost every icon and text field you can get additional information if you hover the mouse pointer over it. There are a few more features which haven't been detailed here and everyone is welcome to look freely for them.

<img src="" alt="Panel functionality extended" title="Panel functionality extended">

- Notes and features -

The eBaby data stored on the panel is refreshed once a day and will do so when you visit erepublik for the first time in the new erep day.
The data can be refreshed manually as it has been described above.
The script update check is being performed manually every few days and the user will be provided with a link to the script.
Since all the settings are stored locally, if you switch to some other PC you will have to reselect all of your eBabies.
To completely remove the script from Firefox, you should right click the Greasemonkey icon, choose &quot;Manage User Scripts...&quot;, find the script on the list to the left, check the &quot;Also uninstall associated preferences&quot; and finally press uninstall button.
This script was partly inspired by the BattleWatch script, at least as far as naming convention goes.

- Requirements -

Mozilla Firefox, the latest version. All complaints about the script not working on some old version shall be ignored.
<a href="" title="Greasemonkey addon">Greasemonkey</a> Firefox addon, the latest version.
This script has been tested on Windows only, but I don't see a reason why it shouldn't work on other OSes. If you gain any insight on this subject, do tell.

- What to do if you're satisfied with this script -

A sub and a vote to this article is always welcome.
If you consider this to be inadequate, your both positive and negative comments (as long as they are constructive) will be also very welcome.
If you still think you can do more, it's expected you'll feel a lot better once you donate stuff here. All the goods are useful, gold, gils or any other currency, food, tickets etc. Just donate and feel great about it.

- What to do if you are not satisfied with this script -

Post a comment with your ideas.
Say nothing and hold a grudge.

- Terms and conditions -

This script is totally free and it's only intent is to make this god forsaken game more popular. Not because so that more gold can be sold, but because more people means more fun for everybody. Donate links are above, script install links is below.
This script is an intellectual property and if you abuse any part of it in any possible way, horrible things shall happen to you.

- Useful links -

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