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eRep in Maps Day 1827

Day 1,827, 14:23 Published in USA USA by General Cornrow Wallace

Three days since the last article. Not sure how consistent I will be able to be when it comes to updating this paper, but I will try my best. On we go.

We begin in Canada, where the mounties are fighting a resistance war in British Columbia, against Poland. This is the last Polish region in the Americas I believe. Poland currently leads this battle 59-51.

Moving down south, we find Colombian resistance fighting a war against Brazil, in the region of Andina. Colombian resistance is leading this battle 33-12.

Peruvian resistance is having less luck than their Colombian counterparts, as their fight to free Lima, Peru's capital, is not faring well. Brazil is comfortably ahead in this battle 50-5.

Argentina attained a victory against Paraguay in Central East Chacho, 91-41. Good job by you. They also seem to be heading to victory in Beni and Cochabamba, where a Bolivian resistance war is under way. Argentina leads this battle 31-2.

To Europe we go now, where we find French resistance continuing their campaign against Poland. They started a resistance war in Limousin, but are having no luck, with Poland spanking the rebels 66-0.

The Swiss have seemingly abandoned their neutral ways(filthy neutrals) and fight to free the region of Romandie from Slovenia. All those years of neutrality must have rusted their fighting ways, as Slovenia is ahead 65-1.

Austrian resistance is also staging a resistance war, this one in the region of Lower Austria against Slovakia. Austrian resistance is currently leading 17-5.

Serbia is looking to rewipe Albania off the map, and may well succeed in their endeavor. Serbia has attacked the Albanian's lone region, Tirana, and are leading the battle 50-0.

Finnish resistance continue their own campaign for liberation, launching an attack in Southern Finland, against Estonia. The resistance is currently in the lead 16-6.

Russian resistance is having no luck in their attempt to liberate Volga from Bulgaria. Bulgaria is leading handily 62-15.

In Egypt, the resistance forces in the area continue to fight Greek occupiers, launching an attack in Lower Egypt. Greece is holding off the rebels easily enough, leading 60-17.

In the Philippines, resistance forces in the area have initiated a resistance war in Luzon, fighting Taiwanese occupation. The rebels are having success thus far, leading 38-2.

Japanese resistance is having as much success as their Filipino counterparts, as their resistance war in Tohoku, also against Taiwan is going well. The Japanese lead 17-0 early into the battle.

Battles not covered up in the pictures:
German resistance launched an attack in Bavaria, against Poland. Poland leads 11-0.
Danish resistance has started their own resistance war against Germany, in the region of Hovedstaden. Germany leads this battle 11-0.
Serbia is also at war with Montenegro, attacking the North Montenegrin Mountains. THe battle is at 0-0 here.
Indian resistance continue to attempt to free Kerala from Thailand. The battle here is at 0-0.
Iran also continue their resistance campaign against China, attacking Kerman Province. The battle here is also 0-0.

That is all. As always, a beautiful lady to get through the day.

Sarah Shahi. She is certainly legal.



KOSOVA Batoa Day 1,827, 14:26

v s

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 1,827, 14:26



Edelmann Day 1,827, 14:31

10/10 would v/s again.

The.Dude Day 1,827, 14:32

ESPN 8 The Ocho

Good papers are good.

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