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Epic guide of making money and gold.

Day 1,825, 14:34 Published in Estonia Estonia by Lohken

So everyone is complaining that they have no money! I will teach you how to be rich!

1# if you are rich in real life, BUY GOLD!
2# If you have just started do not invest your money into weapon or food factories, instead invest the gold into weapon raw material factories and sell the products every day.
3# If you have played some time already keep buying the weapon raw material factories, so your daily profit will increase.
4# But if you want to be a strong warrior and have many battle and campagain hero medals, start investing into strength.
5# If you invest into strength, try not to fight. Then you will not level up and stay in a low divison. With a big strenght in a low division you will get many Battle hero medals in no time!
6# Also when owning big amounts of gold get a Q7 weapon factory and you will be one of the elite players.

~Tonis , eEstonia-s political crusader. Vote and Sub please

no krt lubasin ju inglise keeles kah kirjutada XD



NiederHaven Day 1,825, 14:36

1st voter!

exsxx Day 1,826, 23:17

I smell scam

jaars Day 1,826, 02:46

BS every day 😃

Hanskan Toss
Hanskan Toss Day 1,826, 04:24

You are saying,that only weapon raw materials make real money? :v

Enrii Lindebaum
Enrii Lindebaum Day 1,826, 04:35

No selling your user for real money is the only way to make real money.

L7.QualifiedWarrior Day 1,826, 06:33

how do you get battle hero medals without fighting?

L7.QualifiedWarrior Day 1,826, 06:34

ahjaa, q7-sse investeerida on kõige ebatulusam asi üldse siin mängus, tore soovitus:)

Lohken Day 1,826, 08:47

Hanskan Toss- At the start, basically yes.
Devilman7 - this top damage on your profile page " Achieved while trying to defend Kesk-Eesti against Estonia on day 1,747" gives me enough reason not to talk with you.

Margus oolb
Margus oolb Day 1,826, 10:14

mina tooteid ei osta kõik on olemas. Lebo igavus, ainult sõdi.

Muusika Day 1,827, 01:10

Aga ega Tonis ei olegi öelnud et Q7 toodab tulu, ta ütles et oled eliit player kui sul see on 😉

Gta4pk Day 1,827, 08:07

Ei tasu rahvale kärbseid pähe ajada. Eliitmängijaks saab ikka ainult ja ainult siis kui saavutad leveli 100, Q7 omamine ei oma selle juures mitte mingisugust tähtsus.

Kopli Kangelane
Kopli Kangelane Day 1,827, 12:08

Ma ei oleks kunagi arvanud, et mõistlikuse ja säästlikusega saab rikkaks. Ma tänan sind väga, sest mu arusaam elust on nüüd alatiseks muutunud.

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