Epic Debate between NoneSuch and Michael Lewis on IRC for Congressman!

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Epic Debate between NoneSuch and Michael Lewis on IRC for Congressman/Congresswoman of Oregon! Vote this up!

20:46:29 PrincessMedyPi: Gents, today we are here to debate the congressional race in Oregon

20:46:37 PrincessMedyPi: Let's begin with a warm up question

20:46:45 PrincessMedyPi: We'll begin with NoneSuch

20:46:51 PrincessMedyPi: What is your stance on cake vs pie

20:46:52 PrincessMedyPi: ?

20:47:35 NoneSuch: Excellent first question. I am pro-pie. It's what my grandmother makes so I'm sticking to it

20:47:43 NoneSuch: Her apple pie is delicious

20:47:53 PrincessMedyPi: Michael Lewis, what is your stance?

20:48:03 Michael_Lewis: Cake vs. Pie?

20:48:15 PrincessMedyPi: Yes. Do you prefer cake or pie?

20:48:26 PrincessMedyPi: (This is a very important eUSA debate topic)

20:48:52 Michael_Lewis: How do you chose? cake reminds me of my recent birthday party, but pee reminds me of grandma

20:49:05 Michael_Lewis: I probably will say cake

20:49:09 * Joeph snickers

20:49:27 Michael_Lewis: next questin!

20:49:31 PrincessMedyPi: Okay boys...let's get down to business

20:49:38 NoneSuch: Yes ma'am

20:49:47 PrincessMedyPi: Mr. Lewis, what is your stance on RAWR?

20:50:42 Michael_Lewis: RAWR, I don't even know what that means, bbut they keep posint ig in my newspaper, if you mean WAR then we must invade china

20:50:58 PrincessMedyPi: RAWR does mean war

20:51:09 PrincessMedyPi: Why is it imperative that we invade China?

20:51:39 Michael_Lewis: Because if we don't invad China the communism will happen eUSA don't you see?!

20:51:59 PrincessMedyPi: Thank you for your answer Mr. Lewis.

20:52:08 PrincessMedyPi: NoneSuch, how do you feel about RAWR?

20:52:09 Michael_Lewis: you are welcome

20:52:41 NoneSuch: I believe that RAWR is completely necessary for the advancement of our economy. It creates a need for weapons, gifts, hospitals, nearly everything

20:52:48 NoneSuch: And I am against invading China

20:53:11 PrincessMedyPi: What is your reason NS?

20:53:21 NoneSuch: For not invading China?

20:53:25 PrincessMedyPi: Yes

20:53:36 PrincessMedyPi: (Sorry, poorly formed question)

20:54:02 NoneSuch: If communism is the style they want then they should be free to keep it that way. Plus, our their only 2 borders to my knowledge are Pakistan, which we are not.

20:54:10 NoneSuch: So is ML saying the eUS is ePakistain?

20:54:21 NoneSuch: I am completely appalled

20:54:25 Michael_Lewis: NO! We have botes!

20:54:51 PrincessMedyPi: Mr. Lewis you interrupted his response

20:54:55 NoneSuch: I've yet to see a "bote" in eRep

20:55:07 PrincessMedyPi: That is not appropriate debate behavior.

20:55:15 PrincessMedyPi: I ask you to apologize and remain silent.

20:55:38 Michael_Lewis: Are we debating or makin fun because if you are teasing me I will report you

20:55:38 PrincessMedyPi: On to the next question.

20:55:42 Michael_Lewis: sorry for interrupting

20:56:13 PrincessMedyPi: NoneSuch, what is your opinion on Iron Taxes?

20:57:10 NoneSuch: In my opinion, Iron import taxes need to be set around 10 to 15%. We simply are not able to sustain our weapons industry relying solely on domestic iron

20:57:55 NoneSuch: The iron income tax should also be set to around 3% at most. Our domestic iron companies have it hard enough as it is with our lack of natural iron deposits.

20:58:08 PrincessMedyPi: Thank you for your response.

20:58:14 PrincessMedyPi: Mr. Lewis, what is your view?

20:58:41 Michael_Lewis: When we invad China we get all their Iron for free! and don't need to import!

20:59:25 PrincessMedyPi: So, for clarification, invading China is an answer to both our lack of RAWR and our lack of iron?

21:00:16 Michael_Lewis: China threats us with communism and has iron, we take over they will no longer threaten us and we have iron

21:00:28 PrincessMedyPi: Thank you.

21:00:57 PrincessMedyPi: Mr. Lewis, I now have to ask you about another threat plaguing the eUSA: the lolperchaun. How do you think we can stop it from taking over our nation?

21:01:49 Michael_Lewis: I am very prepared for this question, it's happening in Alabama right no http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nda_OSWeyn8 I thin it may be crackheads

21:02:03 Michael_Lewis: to stop it we need to invade China

21:02:23 PrincessMedyPi: Thank you sir.

21:02:31 PrincessMedyPi: NoneSuch, how do you plan to handle this menace?

21:03:12 NoneSuch: I don't plan to handle it. I believe that these people in Alabama are just scared about something they don't know. If the name suits this creature, it sounds as if he is just a laughing leprechaun. What harm can he cause?

21:03:23 NoneSuch: Plus, leprachauns have untold amounts of gold, and pots.

21:03:33 NoneSuch: Both of which our country needs right now

21:03:57 PrincessMedyPi: Thank you.

21:04:13 PrincessMedyPi: NoneSuch, what is your personal opinion on PEACE?

21:05:09 NoneSuch: I don't know any of their members personally so this is just a generalization. My opinion is that they are people just like us and if PEACE and Atlantis just have a nice round of tea and crumpets we can settle all of our difference without having to invade China

21:05:33 PrincessMedyPi: Thank you.

21:05:41 PrincessMedyPi: Mr. Lewis, what say you?

21:06:22 Michael_Lewis: PEACE? what is this crap, I thought we were talking about war?!


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