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eOLYMPIC GAMES - Belgium 2013 [Results of Long Jump + Event 2]

Day 2,058, 11:03 Published in Belgium Belgium by El1teBE

eLadies and eGentlemen,
The first event of the eOlympics in eBelgium (VISIT THE OFFICIAL FORUM OF THE HOST COUNTRY, YOU WILL MEET COOL PEOPLE, JOIN THE DISCUSSIONS, FIND INTERESTING GAMES AND COOL STUFF)- Long Jumping is now over. I am extremely proud to announce that 71 athlete from 30 different countries fought for the victory. They are all the winners, because in the eOlympics it is important to participate, not to win! Well done guys! I'm proud of all of you! Here are the individual results:

Here are the best jumps:

Congratulations to the best jumpers, and for the ones that are in the bottom of the list, don't despair - everyone will be rewarded, because your participation is the most important of all. The ceremony of giving rewards will be in the next article (in Thursday, July 11th).

And here are the results by country:

*NOTE: The country names as they are officially known in eRepublik. The eOlympic Games are apolitical event and aren't anyhow related to the military module in eRepublik, that's why everyone is equal here, and everyone is free to join. No harsh feelings if I made any mistake.

Lots of countries didn't participated in the first event, as you can see - I hope all of them will join later, for the second event!

And the medals table:


All you have to do is:
2. Click on Training
3. Select a language, a country (you can choose any country here, no matter which country you represent) and a player
4. Select Swimming
5. Press X to dive and to swim
6. Try as often as you want
7. Once you are happy with your result, make a Print Screen (PrtScrn) of your best result
Paste the picture of the screen in a program like Paint or upload it directly if you have LiteShot installed.
Save it and send the image via private message to el1temkd before 08:00 PM CET on Thursday July 11th.
The screenshot should look like this:

Last: I would like to thank Beaverss Tribute to Raskol, Kylero, Mr. SwizZz, Al Raposas, Monkeyboom Yau, MaryamQ, Alexandross, djdomene, the Government and the Congress of eBelgium and ODIN political party from Brazil - for their support and donations. If you want to donate some CC or/and gold, you can do that here. Thanks!

President of the International eOlympic Committee

eOLYMPICS [Results + Event 2]


Profeta ERIC
Profeta ERIC Day 2,058, 11:03


Ivan je Car
Ivan je Car Day 2,058, 11:35

a jesam slab xDD sta je sljedeca disciplina i kad? 🙂

El1teBE Day 2,058, 11:45

Sacekaj dok objavim sve rezultate.

Alexandross Day 2,058, 11:36


Pat Harper
Pat Harper Day 2,058, 11:37


Oinyo Day 2,058, 11:39

Where is event 2? 😛

El1teBE Day 2,058, 11:46

Wait to publish the complete results. 😉

Oinyo Day 2,058, 13:00

Ah ok 🙂

Maestrooscuro Day 2,058, 11:41

wiii numero 48 *-*

BelgiumGeneral Day 2,058, 11:52

O.O 8m I thought my 6,75 was a top 10 ^^

Towalf Torre
Towalf Torre Day 2,058, 11:56

24th place 😒

Gotta get better next event 😃

Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Day 2,058, 12:06

Oh ****, I forgot to send my screenshot!

FanSte1995 Day 2,058, 12:26

Zaboravio sam poslati svoj SS, mogu se naknadno uključiti na Olimpic igre ? 🙂

El1teBE Day 2,058, 12:31

Svakako. Mozes ucestvovati u iducem takmicenju.

FanSte1995 Day 2,058, 13:50

Šta je sledeće?

El1teBE Day 2,058, 13:51


FanSte1995 Day 2,058, 13:54

Hahaha, ipak čekam sledeće takmičenje, nisam dobar u plivanju ali u ping pongu i streljaštvu sam najbolji 😃

Ely.nea Day 2,058, 12:44

we are jumpers in ebelgium o/

Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Day 2,058, 13:08

Congrats Icurlybear!!!!!

Icurlybear Day 2,058, 13:37

Comment deleted

tommot Day 2,058, 13:40

A pity i can't play.🙁

For some reason the installation of Adobe Shockwave Player isn't taking on(as if i never installed it).

El1teBE Day 2,058, 14:16

I had problems too. Try restarting the computer after the installation.

tommot Day 2,058, 14:19

No, nothing helped.
I tried all suggestions made to me.
I just can't play.

Kryptorium Day 2,059, 04:56

You have to go to the siteweb of Adobe to install it properly 😉

tommot Day 2,059, 05:13

I tried your suggestion before, but had no effect.

I don't know what the problem was, but my brother-in-law fixed it.

I have just been playing.

Kaad Day 2,059, 08:28


Kaname Darkwind
Kaname Darkwind Day 2,059, 10:07

Download, install, express everything and don't let it give you any scanning software, just uncheck that, and continue. Finish. Done.

ErnestHemingway Day 2,058, 13:52

*warms up for the swimming*

Kaname Darkwind
Kaname Darkwind Day 2,058, 13:57

Second ain't bad.

Jofroi Day 2,058, 14:28

What is the trick to be able to go so high? I tried for hours and I didn't thought that it was possible to go much higher than 10m, Have I got a wrong keyboard or? 😛

Delirium90 Day 2,058, 15:10

guess just have to click fast with your fingers 😛

Jofroi Day 2,058, 15:20

I tried for hours, and I were never even close to that ^^. Maybe I'm too old 😛.

Kaname Darkwind
Kaname Darkwind Day 2,058, 15:53

My keyboard is actually really bad, it's all about the technique. Angle was important too, but that came with practice.

DimlightHero Day 2,058, 15:10

Damn I forgot to upload my jump. 😕

Giorgos Zaikos
Giorgos Zaikos Day 2,058, 15:40

lololololo third last XD
But we're triers, the UK, we'll always be back to try again \o/
Now onto the swimming...

Nice graphics as well, I see you put a lot of work into it o/

El1teBE Day 2,059, 02:55

It's not that much, really 😉

Minino. Day 2,058, 16:20



F16.Fighter Day 2,058, 17:28

buset.. barang gw kalah panjang..

remi.remi Day 2,058, 18:03

lol I need to try a little harder

Monkeyboom Yau
Monkeyboom Yau Day 2,058, 18:56

vote !!!

mhifzan Day 2,058, 19:47

oii monkey, ajak org tp ko x join yer 😛
/me duku monkey 😛

Monkeyboom Yau
Monkeyboom Yau Day 2,058, 20:41

bkn x join. tapi my computer outdated. so x dpt join. i ade invest some gold to support this event, tapi u sorg je yg support. 🙁

mhifzan Day 2,058, 21:10

jgn kali alasan pc outdated, update flash palyer je dah bole main tu, miniclips juga tu

F16.Fighter Day 2,058, 22:02

ayo join pakcik..

Leonardo Rubio Mendoza
Leonardo Rubio Mendoza Day 2,058, 19:06

lugar 53 jajajaja vamos bien 😃

eindroid Day 2,058, 21:02

Cool xD

Al Raposas
Al Raposas Day 2,059, 05:02

You forgot to mention me in the donators

El1teBE Day 2,059, 09:53

You are there, my friend! After Mr. SwizZz and before Monkeyboom Yau.

Ely.nea Day 2,059, 12:28

i can't play but i'm happy to see this event of the eOlympics. Good luck !

El1teBE Day 2,059, 14:09

eOLYMPICS [Medals Ceremony - Long Jump]

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