eOLYMPIC GAMES - Belgium 2013 [Opening ceremony + Event 1]

Day 2,056, 05:50 Published in Belgium Belgium by El1teBE

eLadies and eGentlemen,

I have the honor to present you the official, new format of eOlympic games hosted by eBelgium. During the next few weeks, every eRepublik citizen (no matter of where he comes from) can compete in different events. You can take part in as many events as you want, representing your IRL country, or your eCountry - that's up to you! All you have to do, is try to score the best score that you can in the game that will be officially published in this newspaper - "eL1Te News", make a screenshot of your best score, save it, and send the screenshot via Private message to el1temkd. You may specify which country you will represent. If not specified, I will automatically put your name under the country of your eCitizenship. Note that every screenshot that will be published in the comment bellow, won't count! Few days after the event is published in my article the results will be announced, and the citizens with the best scores will be awarded.

There will be two rankings - individual, and team (country) ranking. Countries will be raked based on the highest score of the player that represent that country - so, if in the first two places there are 2 players from Country 1, and in the third place there is a player from Country 2, then Country 1 will be ranked first and Country 2 - second.

About the awards - I will give something from my own pocket, but if you want to help, donations are welcomed here. Here I officially ask the eBelgian Government if they could participate with some money that will be donated to the best Olympians.
And I would like to ask all of you to shout this article so it could be seen in every eRepublik country. Also, each Country president will be informed about the Games, so his country could make a team and came here to fight for the victory!


I now pronounce the new format of eOlympic Games - OPEN! Let's start with the first event!

EVENT #1 - Long Jump

All you have to do is:
2. Click on Training
3. Select a language, a country (you can choose any country here, no matter which country you represent) and a player
4. Select Long Jump
5. Press X to run, Z to jump and Z to choose your angle
6. Try as often as you want
7. Once you are happy with your result, make a Print Screen (PrtScrn) of your best result
Paste the picture of the screen in a program like Paint or upload it directly if you have LiteShot installed.
Save it and send the image via private message to el1temkd before 08:00 PM CET on Tuesday July 9th.
The screenshot should look like this:

Enjoy, have fun, and let the best win!