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Enlightening mindtrick!

Day 1,622, 18:05 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Zeeuwsmeisje

If you know little about women, you know we always want to find out why people do stuff.

So, ever wondered why you have been playing this game for far too long, buying all tricks and changes, upsetting yourself time and time again – and still log in every day?

I found this simple mindtrick on the internet that is really enlightening! Try it, it works! Read out loud the following sentences and try not to think of anything else:

Why play this game
Why play is game
Why play how game
Why play to game
Why play keep game
Why play a game
Why play dumbass game
Why play busy game
Why play for game
Why play at game
Why play least game
Why play one game
Why play minute game

Got the clue? Then I seriously don’t have the answer to what you are still doing here. If not; read the third word in every sentence… and you know why it is no wonder you spend so, so many hours here…

No offense, I still log in every day too!


eisenmutter2 Day 1,622, 18:16

reported for insults

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 1,622, 18:26

lol @ eisenmutter2, but I wasn't really happy with it too 😛
Just am to hooked, but the human factor they can't rig. 🙂

Code-Y Day 1,622, 18:51


eisenmutter2 Day 1,622, 18:59

@Code-Y Day 1,622, 18:51
if stuff like this would get deleted i couldnt even publish one article even less write comments/shouts

Auggustus Day 1,623, 01:38

Wahoo figured out the message before reading the explanation 😉

Lord Jopie
Lord Jopie Day 1,624, 05:52


ElGorro Day 1,624, 10:35


FrankieVB Day 1,624, 14:41


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