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Day 1,901, 16:38 Published in USA USA by jkeller4000

Most never let energy to ever get full and always press the recover energy and buy food!

Must use all the resources on the market!

Must spend all my money!

everyone must join me!

anyone know how to use the most weapon raw materials and food raw materials?
does high quality weapon use more raw material per energy or a low quality weapon?

does a high quality food use more food raw material than a low quality per energy recovered?



stunkcuf Day 1,902, 02:17

Yes to the levels of factory wrm uses the bigger the factory the more wrm.

And I think making you own food and weapons is best thing to do. Save money and gold to upgrade. Thete are a buch of guides and lots of info just got to search.

prostokreten Day 1,902, 09:30


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