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Empires of eRepublik issue 2 of 3

Day 1,831, 18:07 Published in United Kingdom Israel by dante643

The eGreek empire (the irony and humour of eGreece having a empire in comparison to RL events isn't lost on me) stretches from its native regions, southern regions of eAlbania, its protection colonies of eItaly all the way to the tip of the currently playable Arabian Peninsula, with that includes a large percentage of eEgypt and eSaudi Arabia, with major fighting constantly to the north the southern conquests of the reasonably small populated south was with out a doubt a economic one, with current territories that the empire holds four out five of the possible WRM regions with the extension of the empire only being so far south, for the acquisition of the Saltpeter region of Najran.

Its main competitor in the region is the eEmpire of eTurkey, but conflict between the two is unlikely much like the two biggest fat kids in the play ground, they have teamed up to take everyone elses lunch in Asia Minor (once again the irony has not passed me). Conflict with its European naighbours is almost allways a certainty but its southern holdings at the current time remain safe. I'd like to meantion that eGreece currently holds a Russian territory but for the life of me its current use is little. I'd have to chalk it up to eGreece being, well:


The eEmpire of eTaiwan once extended from the northern tip of eJapan to halfway through the ePhillipenes while its Filipino possessions have been lost to eBrazil, eTaiwan is still worth noting as a interesting figure in the Asia Theatre being one of the very few Asian countries to extend past its own borders (or really keep their own regions) eTaiwan is currently set for a long term occupation of its northern gains, that being eJapan and eSouth Korea, it will be interesting to see with the newest introduction of eBrazil into the arena what the future holds for the nation.

Flash points for the region remain mainly within its own borders with resistance movements both in eJapan and eSouth Korea and the threat of eIndonesia and now eBrazil to the south it will be a major test on nation to hold its new gains together and protect its southern border, relations with eChina are good and stable so risk from Beijing are small if nearly non-existent.

the next and final issue of eEmpire of Erepublik will be eSerbia and eBrazil

Thankyou for reading, any comments, suggestions, criticism, votes and subs are welcomed and appreciated.



WayneKerr Day 1,831, 18:10


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nathaner Day 1,832, 02:39

interesting article voted

Thedark ace
Thedark ace Day 1,832, 04:20

Voted \o/

Saiwun Day 1,832, 08:06

What about eChina?

James Scarlet
James Scarlet Day 1,832, 15:45

@Saiwun, China hasn't really expanded much outside it's borders. It just has a lot of original regions. Like the eUSA.


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