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Empires of eRepublik Issue 1

Day 1,830, 16:42 Published in United Kingdom Israel by dante643
Empires of eRepublik – Issue 1

this article (my first) is an analysis of the current countries that I would consider eEmpires, with the definition in mind of a eEmpire being a nation that has expanded past its borders over one or more other nations and seeks long term occupation.


The largest of the eEmpires in the current state of play, ePoland has expanded its borders and lays claim to much of Western Europe with the whole occupation of eCzech Republic and eNetherlands as well as major occupation of eGermany and eFrance as well as its recent northern expedition that has seen it occupy large areas of eFinland it is safe to say that ePoland is the most powerful nation currently in play in Central and Western Europe. Relations with the nation are good with the eUK being once enemies now staunch allies, with eBelgium and eBritian a stones throw away occupation by the nation would be a walk in the park but with nothing but support coming from the behemoth the security of our southern and south-eastern border is secure.

Flash points for the eEmpire will likely be eGerman and eFrench resistence and undoubtable the important acqusition of Aland in the far north with ability to effect both members of Asgard it will be and important asset in keeping its ABC allies safe.


2) The eTurkish empire that stretches through Asia Minor has seen the country decimate the former eEmpire of eIran and lay claim to large stretches of eSaudi Arabia, competing with eGreece for imperial gains. Further expansion seems unlikely for the eEmpire though as its borders have expanded any further and it would have to cross eChina, eGreece and any push north would see it in conflict with the powerful Balkan nations of eMacidonia, eSerbia or eBulgaria and with its alliance with Greece a northern border push seems unlikely.

Flash points for the eEmpire will involve maintaining their hold on the region, with friendly relations with eGreece their European borders are secure, with eChina to the east being on good relations a war over territorial claim of eIran and ePakistan seems unlikely but not impossible. If the situation should occur then the potential for eBritian to acquire a future great and staunch ally would be a hard opportunity to miss.

Next Issue: eGreece and eTaiwan, Part 2/3 of Empires of eRepublik.

Thankyou for reading, voting, suggestions, opinions and subs are welcomed and appreciated.


Pat Harper
Pat Harper Day 1,830, 17:08

Nice 🙂 voted and subbed ^^

James Scarlet
James Scarlet Day 1,830, 21:22

Voted, Not a bad first article, eh? 🙂

Samoss The Great
Samoss The Great Day 1,831, 01:25

voted and subbed

Alphabethis Day 1,831, 01:27

nice, and thought provoking, how did eUk so unimportant ? or why did Poles perform so well ?

Blue And Evil
Blue And Evil Day 1,831, 02:28

@Alphabethis: Numbers. It's all about numbers. Poland has them, we don't.

Irv Noyb
Irv Noyb Day 1,831, 02:57

Voted; interesting topic for sure 🙂

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