Emerick: America's President, Britain's new enemy?

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Emerick: America's leader, Britain's new enemy?

Last night I interviewed Emerick. Before I talked to him I must admit I had a bias. Before we spoke I had heard that he was an arrogrant prick who hated the UK Instead I spoke politely with him and after an hour of discussion I have written this article to give you an abridged version of our conversation. Here it is:

camcam: Do you want the UK in terra?
Emerick: I'm not certain that it's in the UK's or Terra's best interest to have them in it
Emerick: Unless they can set aside their issues with Ireland
camcam: and how would you propose this situation be diffused
Emerick: Remove UK PTO threats in Ireland
Emerick: That would make everything go away.

camcam: is it possible for the eUK to have any NE whilst in TERRA?
Emerick: Idk I'd have to look at the map
Emerick: But we've established p well that Terra doesn't operate well with multiple fronts
camcam: so is that a no
Emerick: Last time we opened up a shitload of wars instead of just defending through MPP's, three countries were wiped
Emerick: I don't know a UK NE would benefit Terra's strategy, so
Emerick: If you can present a plan that does, I'd be open to it
camcam: Sweden?
Emerick: If we could get Germany free enough, and keep hitting Poland with RWs
Emerick: A German-UK invasion of Sweden
Emerick: I'm sure we could get Eden's help there
camcam: So what's the uks biggest problem do you think
Emerick: Political chaos
Emerick: The fact that they joined an alliance that they weren't fully prepared to abide by
Emerick: We voted them in without taking into account that there are very strong anti-Terra, or anti-American, or pro-Servian elements

camcam: what are your favourite ecountries?

Emerick: Holy empire of Pakistan Nippon canada Broatia brozil china(in that order)?

camcam: and Ireland?
Emerick: idk where I'd rank Ireland
Emerick: But they have a place in my heart
Emerick: They stood up against threats of invasion for us while we were invaded
Emerick: And I'll never forget it
Emerick: Irish are the kind of people you love to be allied with, because they take the word "bro" to heart.
camcam: Emerick: Any final comments?
Emerick: I'd feel that we've both missed out on a chance to reconnect with a natural ally, and that it's a shame that we weren't able to make it worm
Emerick: I think that the UK and US have certain expectations of each other because of irl, and it's easy to be let down and let it boil into a rivalry if we're not careful
camcam: Thank you for your time
Emerick: NP

Extra tid bit question:camcam: If you were going to make a match.com profile
camcam: What would you put on it?
Emerick: Dicks.
Emerick: Dicks everywhere
camcam: Don't like long strolls on the beach? Just peni all day?
Emerick: I like long dicks on the beach
camcam: Thanks
Michael_Larson: black or white?
Emerick: np brah~
camcam: Good question
camcam: Black or white?
Emerick: You can be my lover it don't matter if you're black or white

From this it is safe to say that Emerick has some hard feelings against the UK but I wouldn't say he hates us. It is also safe to say that he likes penis, and Ireland(apparently they are two separate things). However as we move forward we may be able to maintain some relationships with the USA. I for one logged off irc and took some tanks to fight for the USA and hope that Emerick will one day call me one of his bros. He is a nice chap and even hinted at once getting laid in our more casual after conversation, perhaps putting him in the running for the first erep player to get some.
Only time will tell what happens next in ehistory.

Camcam ,congressman and colonel


P.S.S. Any good comments/analysis will be edited into the article