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Day 1,915, 06:02 Published in Malaysia Malaysia by Crow Ford
Hail eMalaysia

Today i will i write some information about the situation at MoFA Office.

1. MPP with China.

We do this MPP for this month with eChina. The benfit of this MPP is we will have enough power Back up and some war from MPP.

2. Relationship with eBulgaria

After have a long discussion about MPP with eBulgaria, They Refuse to make MPP But will always Happily Helping Us in any war that we have in the future.

3. MPP with eMexico

We planning to have an MPP with eMexico, But unfortunately we must Cancel the MPP with eMexico because some problem. I hope the relationship beetween eMalaysia adn eMexico can persist on the future.

Thats all the Information that i can share to you.

Sign with Friendship



Crow Ford
Crow Ford Day 1,915, 06:03


RyuYuki Day 1,915, 06:04


Khairunnaim Khairuddin
Khairunnaim Khairuddin Day 1,915, 07:22

anti PTOssss

Leo Syahmessi
Leo Syahmessi Day 1,915, 11:44

Hail eMalaysia!

Monkeyboom Yau
Monkeyboom Yau Day 1,917, 04:50

vote 🙂

Jehanne.dArc Day 1,917, 05:28

Hail eMalaysia o/

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