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eMalaysia MoFA OFFICE

Day 1,907, 19:27 Published in Malaysia Malaysia by Crow Ford

Hail eMalaysia

Good Morning/Night/Afternoon Every time you read this Article.
Today I have some information to share about what eMalaysia MoFA office Have done and what will to do next.

Firstly i want to say thank you for eMalaysia CP who trust me to become eMalay MoFA this month. I hope i can give my best to eMalaysia This month. I also will helped by my vMoFA Monkeyboom Yau clanky4 henchee.

I hope we can do our best this month.

Secondly We will start discussion with eIndonesia About our region Sabah who under eIndonesia Control for the last 2 month.

Thirdly we also start to open conversation with Bulgaria to make friendship with them. and i have start it last night.

Well that's all can i inform for now. Maybe in the next few days i have something new to inform for you all.

Sign with Blood



Leo Syahmessi
Leo Syahmessi Day 1,908, 23:01

hail eMalaysia!


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