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eMalaysia Back On The Map!

Day 1,999, 05:18 Published in Malaysia Malaysia by Leo Syahmessi

Firstly,I as a eMalaysian Government representative would like to thanks to all eMalaysian people that involve in the resistance war against eMontenegro. Thanks for your commitment and your nasionalism spirit. eMalaysia will always stand no matter what happen.

We have been through a hard situation since three months ago and we have no region since last month. The result, we have no congress until next month election. But the good is, we have found some new friends & new allies. This is more important than having a region & congress but forever alone.

Finally,we have taken back our Sarawak. Thanks to our beloved NaN alliance who are giving a brilliant support to us in this war, our brother,eIndo who are still helping us eventhough we are in different alliance, and to all friends that help us continuously to get our region back. It was a great battle with great coordination and teamwork on kicking eMontenegro out from Asia. Thanks again guys!

Hail eMalaysia!
Hail NaN!
Hail Nusantara!
Hail Allies!


mhifzan Day 1,999, 05:26

Hail eMalaysia!
Hail NaN!
Hail Nusantara!
Hail Allies!

Khairunnaim Khairuddin
Khairunnaim Khairuddin Day 1,999, 05:26

Happinest for all emalaysian...nex-preparing to retake semenanjung

One9 Day 1,999, 05:29


Haryati Abd Hardy
Haryati Abd Hardy Day 1,999, 05:32

Thank you all!!!

aaogi Day 1,999, 06:35

selamat o7

Canester Day 1,999, 06:40

Welcome Back my Litthe Bro ^^

Yoshino Sakurai
Yoshino Sakurai Day 1,999, 06:43

eThai you are the next target !
Be prepared !

yujioct Day 1,999, 07:19


YTHNN Day 1,999, 07:42


Tj 9
Tj 9 Day 1,999, 07:48


zeropercent Day 1,999, 07:51

kesian kita

juliabout Day 1,999, 08:03


Smallee Day 1,999, 08:07

Well Done E Malaysian...

Gentleboys Day 1,999, 08:40

congratz bro 🙂

Big Lebovski
Big Lebovski Day 1,999, 09:21

the only reason you got you region back is cause of your timezone, we were all sleeping in the middle of the war 🙂
but no hard feelings 😉

Hendrig Day 1,999, 17:10

it called strategy, have a good dream in your sleep bro?

Big Lebovski
Big Lebovski Day 1,999, 17:56

that strategy really worked fine in the last 2 months 😉

Banzai Mlaysia
Banzai Mlaysia Day 2,000, 00:15

its okay, continue your sleep bro

Smallee Day 2,000, 00:44

Hey dude.. so now.. get your butt back to your country and stay away from us. Thanks.

soyalis Day 2,000, 03:12

Good excuse. But its the same thing how we lost our region also

RyuYuki Day 1,999, 09:33

/me slap leo_s tinggalkan aku sorang2 di medan perang

VMSBG Day 1,999, 11:41

Hail eMalaysia!
Hail NaN!
Hail B.R.A.V.O.!

We win! We will kick you from our eCountry!

metro5 Day 1,999, 17:32

Comment deleted

MR Anonymous98
MR Anonymous98 Day 1,999, 19:33

Hail eIndonesia!
Hail eMalaysia!
Hail eBrother!

Buntak Dayung Bluesavvy
Buntak Dayung Bluesavvy Day 1,999, 20:03

ikan masak 3 rasa
-masak ikan
-bubuh cuka (masam)
-bubuh garam (masin)
-bubuh gula (manis)

Fxal Day 1,999, 21:51

Ko tak tdo ke ryuyuki? Hahaha...aku sambung sket pagi tu. Sebbaik menang
Gud job guys!

Balada Angin
Balada Angin Day 1,999, 23:09

yang mau diajarin tutorial multi account , PM me .

siapa JA
siapa JA Day 2,000, 02:14

Yaay 😃

soyalis Day 2,000, 03:15

Hail eMalaysia!
Hail NaN!
Hail Nusantara!
Hail Allies!

Banzai Mlaysia
Banzai Mlaysia Day 2,000, 07:03

merdeka pada hari 2000 😃

HummingBird2013 Day 2,000, 19:08

Yeah... We finally had our own turf!..Good Job everyone

Ahmad Hanafi
Ahmad Hanafi Day 2,001, 02:32

Really really want to read what their media is saying about us right now.

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