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Elections for Congress

Day 1,951, 04:44 Published in Denmark Denmark by Ana Zla Mackica

Greetings, citizens of Denmark!

First of all, I was a bit surprised with your comments on my first article here, but I guess I would feel the same way if it was the other way around. I'm am not here to try and make a PTO, I'm only here because I think you deserve better, and I think I can help make that happen.

With congress elections being tommorow, we'll have a lot of work to do. As you can see, our party is constantly growing – we have ten members now, and only five days ago we only had two. That means that people have seen this party as fast developing, and some are already joining us.

These are our candidates:

We invite you to join us and be part of the team that will work on helping this country get better and stronger. We will work on elife becoming more interesting for all citizens of Denmark! Join us, so we can work together! Vote for us if you want a better world!

May Love and Justice bring progress to all!

King regards, Ana...



Maine Coon
Maine Coon Day 1,951, 04:55

or it means more and more serbs are turning up here ... sorry but its very hard to even try to trust you. You started up with : I will run for President ( has been removed from article since then, I know that ) and a statement like that makes the Danes suspicious right away. Experience shows us not to trust people that from day one want to take over control.

pho3nix Day 1,951, 04:59

I haven't heard a word from anyone in your party, except yourself. Why should anyone vote for you?

pho3nix Day 1,951, 04:59

And you still haven't answered my questions.

PsychopaTh gV
PsychopaTh gV Day 1,951, 05:00

\o/ hail Ana Zla mackica ❤
Free food for everyone

Ana Zla Mackica
Ana Zla Mackica Day 1,951, 05:02

Your questions and comments, they are unnecessary ..
If you are interested ask me something send a message

Maine Coon
Maine Coon Day 1,951, 05:06

why not just answer here ? - cant anyone see the answers, as they are of intrest for all Danes. We would all like to know more and get some answers.

Ana Zla Mackica
Ana Zla Mackica Day 1,951, 05:08

Soon you'll get ... could expand the territory, do something useful

pho3nix Day 1,951, 06:11

LOL! "Do something"?! That's your grand plan?!

Maine Coon
Maine Coon Day 1,951, 05:12

More regions only mean bigger risk of PTO - no thanks, it is not what the country need.

Ana Zla Mackica
Ana Zla Mackica Day 1,951, 05:14

lol .. next to you this country is dying

Gucio Day 1,951, 07:06

Even if it's dying surely it doesn't need any help from the Serbs like you. There's already a lot of people in Denmark which can "rescue" the country.

Percival Dumbledore
Percival Dumbledore Day 1,951, 05:14

I spot several multies and if I spot them, it is only a matter of time before others do too.
As always:

Danskere, stem ikke på kandidater fra dette parti.
De er PTOere, som beskrevet i mine artikler.
Vi har her at gøre med at standard PTO parti, hvor der ikke er én eneste betroet dansker imellem.
Får dette parti bare én i kongressen, så kan det gøre, at slyngler som Shomy Prevara og Wlada123 kan komme til Danmark igen. Det var de personer, som sidste gang gjorde, at Danmark måtte lukke ned som land i over et år.

Stem sikkert. Stem dansk,

Gucio Day 1,951, 07:16

If you ain't the PTO, then who are you? 😮

How do you want to improve the country if you never asked people what they don't like within the country or what they wanted to be changed within a country?

Ana Zla Mackica
Ana Zla Mackica Day 1,951, 07:20

I communicate with many people in Denmark ... you are redundant and

Ana Zla Mackica
Ana Zla Mackica Day 1,951, 07:21

pho3nix and mainne coon37

Gucio Day 1,951, 07:31

Comment deleted

Gucio Day 1,951, 07:25

Comment deleted

Gucio Day 1,951, 07:30

Comment deleted

Ana Zla Mackica
Ana Zla Mackica Day 1,951, 07:32

of course .. Mind your own business ...
This is a shameful ambassador ...
What this insulting citizens

pho3nix Day 1,951, 08:15

Your English is terrible.
You don't want to publish your strategy for "developing".
You start your own party and instantly run for congress.

I think you're the very definition of PTO.

Percival Dumbledore
Percival Dumbledore Day 1,951, 07:24

Well, since what the Danes want is peace, 1 region, no PTO and in general a Serbian free world, it is impossible to take anything this person says seriously.

Ana, I do not know what your main purpose is, but, there is no money to get.
You will never be welcome in Denmark.
If you somehow succeed in getting anything that resembles power, Denmark is going to shut down again until you leave.

We will NEVER be under your rule. We will never accept your presence. We will never accept you.
All you do now, is making sure we hate you, all your party members and your whole country, even more than we did already.

So, take your religion, your people and yourself and leave the country. Your mission here will never succeed as we are willing to commit suicide to make sure it does not happen.

Ana Zla Mackica
Ana Zla Mackica Day 1,951, 07:34

I'm staying here until the end 🙂

Percival Dumbledore
Percival Dumbledore Day 1,951, 07:36

Then you are the very definition of a PTOer.
You only work for yourself.
But who cares. We hate you and your country. And you are one to blame for this.
I know that serbian PTOers are born as demons and without conscience, but, at least you should have been able to request a common sense. I guess you failed there too.

Ana Zla Mackica
Ana Zla Mackica Day 1,951, 07:40

Danish territory back ... 😁)

Percival Dumbledore
Percival Dumbledore Day 1,951, 07:41

We don't want the Danish territory back, you imbecil.

pho3nix Day 1,951, 08:13

Yeah, that would be a terrible strategy really.

Kongeror Day 1,951, 07:50

Well I dont care whatever religion people they may commit themselves to and I find that comment inappropriate. And no I am not religious myself. And no I dont hate anybody, but what Ana seems to not understand is that we danes want to be left alone making our own choices on whats gonna be decided in our country. However I do find it insulting that you Ana think you can walk right into this country trying to gain power from the very first day you set your foot upon our land. That is an intruding act and we get suspicious right away and for good reason. So if you want to stay friendly with us I suggest you stop being focused on gaining power and eventually quit that new party of yours, cos' you will only be disappointed when you find out that we are not interested in any changes that people from abroad might want to dictate our country to put up with. So just leave it be and go do something useful in your own country.

pho3nix Day 1,951, 08:16

I could accept criticism of how we run things - but there has been absolutely no response in that department. You have no plan, no goal - so how can you change things?

Rex Danorum
Rex Danorum Day 1,951, 08:39

Pho3nix why are you writting that comment to Kongeror? He also thinks Ana should leave.

pho3nix Day 1,951, 08:41

It's directed at Ana, Rex. I have nothing but respect for Kongeror.

Rex Danorum
Rex Danorum Day 1,951, 09:02

Okay I also found it weird.

"You have no plan, no goal - so how can you change things?"

^^ Just weird formulation in a reply to Kongeror.. 😉 But everything is okay then.. 😛

Kristian Klausen
Kristian Klausen Day 1,952, 03:00

Ana stop your bullshit and admit that you are here to overtake the country. Denmark have a strong community which don't need any kind of help. You can either return to Serbia or you can be thrown out...

pho3nix Day 1,952, 03:17

Victory! No Peace and whatever for at least a month!

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