Elections [CP]

Day 2,508, 05:57 Published in Cyprus Cyprus by AGGELOS_K

Sa brave Cypriots!

With that article I would like to present you my candidacy for CP in our island.


1)Continue having MMP’s with our friends from the past.
2)See what it is going on with the upcoming alliances . Our friends are priority one .
3)A form of supplies is going to be done and mass hits for our allies are going to start on our channel in irc. This will also help us to make our friendships stronger and make us having more fun. Remenber that Cyprus is glory and united we sikert .
(Finway will also serve baklava.)
4)I would like to see more active Turkish friends. I miss you kankis 🙁

Composition of Government

Prime Minister : Rauf Raif Denktas
MoEconomics : Kaniballos , vMoE: KypriosEL
MoFA : adamjensen , TheSymbolist
MoD : The_Riper , marcelbok , vMo😨 vadili baba
Governor: Yellow PeePee
MoNP : e420 , Dimitris Athanatos

MoEducation : Finway
Minister of Communist Propaganda : mixail95
Minister of sexuality : xam xam
Emperor : pampuan reyis

Baklava kisses to all!