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Day 2,116, 16:51 Published in USA USA by Ezio Auditore De Frienze

The Current president started out with 45% showing huge advantage over his rival in the Federalist Party showing no drawbacks throughout the day. However, the strongest rival to the president seem like there is no end for him to catch up and become the new president of eUSA. Is this due to the RGR stealing votes that could be given to bigcdizzle? Let's take a look at the election's right now.

The current President has 645 votes with 47.5%, a majority of votes compared to bigcdizzle

who has 366 votes 26.88%

RGR has stolen 244 or 20% that could of gone over to bigcdizzle that would make him a strong rival for the current president of eUSA. Could this third party candidate really cost the Federalists a shot at the white house? The day is not over yet, but it seems Oblidge will be president of eUSA for another term.



Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 2,116, 17:30


I offered to make a deal with bigc. All I wanted out of it was a promise to leave us alone

he turned down my 20, 21%..... so don't blame me n00b

badbrad767 Day 2,116, 17:59


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