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eIndian Presdential Elections

Day 1,873, 13:13 Published in India India by India101
Today is the big day! President Uv ajed is up for reelection opposed by xordin. As the election wages on, one must wonder: who will I vote for?

THIS ARTICLE IS BASED UPON RESULTS AS OF: day 1,873 12:56 erepublik time

As the results come in we are seeing Xordin in the lead. With already a whooping 114 votes casted by the eIndian public Xordin has 73 votes while Uv ajed has 41 votes. Currently there are about 11 hours until voting closes, and it is time for eIndians to decide.


Xordin is running as a first time candidate. With 7 congressional elections behind him, Xordin is a level 31 with 13k strength! His erepublik birthday was May 28th 2012, thus he is quite younger than many here. But his amount of experience and strength is quite mind blowing!

Uv Ajed

As well know Uv Ajed was President during the December 2012 month in eIndian history. Uv Ajed is a level 33 with about 7k strength! His erepublik birthday was February 3rd 2012, thus he is also quite younger than many here. Just like his opposition his amount of experience and strength is also mindblowing.


It seems that xordin enters the presidential elections with quite a clean slate, while Uv Ajed has his previous term as testimony. In many cases a rerunning president has experience behind him that helps him win the election, but it seems in Uv's case this is very different. He has been criticized SOO HEAVILY in the media, by so many that it seems some citizens are anti-uv. While Xordin has a clean slate, and very little mudslinging on his name.

My Opinion

Both are very qualified men, and I have worked with both men on some issues. But in this case, despite the mudslinging I believe that Uv ajed should be given another term. Now this is a very hardchoice because of my ultimate admiration of xordin, but I think that him continuing a term at this prominent chapter in eIndian history is essential. To me it seems logical, because if he has set up a plan already then he will know what to do the first day he gets into office. Which it will take Xordin sir some time to accustom what has happened. I truly admire both, so this was a hard choice but I voted for Uv Ajed.

^The above testimony is highly bias, and please do not judge our whole press based on this. This is just testimony given as opinion.

Jai Hind o>
Mera Bharat Desh Mahan (My India is great!)


Hem Sharma
Hem Sharma Day 1,873, 13:26


Jai hind

Abhinay Gupta
Abhinay Gupta Day 1,873, 20:00

yeah, both are deserving candidate !!!

DonMogul Day 1,873, 21:03

it was probably a mistake for UvAjed to proclaim he is quitting on Wilds article 😛

Ind1anMartyr Day 1,874, 19:10

yea ... I support your choice but UV has actually decided to focus on BB... that had always beenhis main aim.

This war and excitement all leads up to a nice launching pad for getting new players in and keeping them in the game. That is why his priorities are right and if he succeeds, it will be HUGE!

NueveOcho Day 1,875, 11:28


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