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Day 2,320, 10:33 Published in India India by Anurag Sah

Greetings eIndians,

WIth the closure of a week which has been highly beneficial to eIndia in terms of regions and its performance in the National Shield 2 . I am here to present the nominees for the first inductee into the eIndian Hall of Fame . Also the voting process for the induction is now officially begun . Details given later .\

In my previous article link given

I had given four categories in which the nominees would be selected.
1- Indian forever-Longest serving Indian

2- Indian Soldier-Best Fighter for Indian

3-Indian Leader -Best Political servant

4-Indian Journalist-Best Media Contributor

The jury have now decided who will be the nominees for this month's .

(I must add that the third category had great competition among various citizens)

So who are these nominees

1- Indian forever-Longest serving Indian

No surprises in this one guys


Almost 5 years old in this game. He has done everything that India wanted and in anyway that he could do it. He has spent from his own pockets just to guide and help Indians to grow. Many treat him as eIndian eGod.

2- Indian Soldier-Best Fighter for Indian


-India has never won a battle, if Hamturk is not part of it. He has been the leading damage dealer for eIndia and has won us lots of prizes in tournaments single handed. eIndia can not imagine to go to war without Hammy on our side. If you doubt check the recently concluded national shield tournament.

3-Indian Leader -Best Political servant


Guru for many eIndians. She has been a mentor to some of the big names in eIndia today. Asmita has always made herself available for any task required, even if she is busy in RL.

4-Indian Journalist-Best Media Contributor

Real Steel 3;-

A real role model for any newbie for how any player can serve the community selflessly. He created lot of energy in the media and was instrumental in catalyzing newbies to play an active part in media

Now the nominees have been named . Its time for the people of India to vote

For voting

follow this link


ITS time for the citizens of eIndia to vote for their first honourable inductee into the hall of fame . I must admit it will be tough .

My regards


NOTE;- A special mention of our CP Bharmal and PM RFTA for their help.




Asmitatheone Day 2,320, 10:39

Thnk u!!
comes as a surprise!!

Gurbaaz Day 2,321, 02:23

@@ ..if u want my vote ..jst send some q7s and its yours.

Asmitatheone Day 2,321, 02:26

I dont buy votes!!! Kitna luchha hai re tu!!!!

Gurbaaz Day 2,321, 02:28

lagta hai tu chahti hai ki main logon ko bol dun tere paas kitna gold hai 🙂....

Asmitatheone Day 2,321, 02:36

haan bol de.... koi nehi yakeen karega......tu hi buddhhu hai jisney maan liya!!!! LOL

Lucarioon Day 2,320, 10:47

Done o7

Princess Aspas.BG
Princess Aspas.BG Day 2,320, 10:50


White.Owl Day 2,320, 11:00

v + s

Ragnell Day 2,320, 10:59

Those are four worthy candidates, but what worries me is that you have not consulted the nation in nominations for the Hall of Fame. A call for people to nominate a person they think are worthy would have been a good idea.

As far as I can see, you are making the nominations yourself. eIndians don't really have much choice in the voting if they are not involved in the nominations process itself.

Ragnell Day 2,320, 11:10

I would also say it'd be better if you had a group of nominees for EACH category, and the winner of ecah category would be inducted into the Hall of Fame. You can't really compare a military contribution to a political contribution for example.

Sorry for being so critical. This is a great idea, but it can be improved.

Anurag Sah
Anurag Sah Day 2,320, 11:14

Well if you had read my earlier article .There is a jury of five people who is selecting these nominees .I will readily give you the messages and everything but it is our CP's order that the jury will remain anonymous ..The jury is of the most active members of eIndia .
Still As I said I am open to new ideas And if eIndia wants it then next time I shall consult them .

Ragnell Day 2,320, 11:17

Good to see that there is a jury. But I still maintain that it's best for the eIndian nation to make those nominations, and that it is better to keep the categories separate.

Again, good job! 😃

Bharmal Day 2,320, 11:19

Nomination is done by a jury who is well informed and has been part of the community for long. The general public has lot of new guys who do not really know much about most of the individuals.

Ragnell Day 2,320, 11:58

Then put in an age threshold for nominations. A jury who is unknown to the general public cannot claim to represent opinion. I know why it's anonymous, but that's not the point.

Mr Immanuel Kant
Mr Immanuel Kant Day 2,320, 11:26

The first two are factual and can't really be based on opinion, but I agree that 3 and 4 could be given nominations 😛

Vishroid Day 2,320, 11:48


Gurbaaz Day 2,321, 02:24

If u did not transfer me CC or q7s by evening..I am going to follow up with comments on topics regarding scotts. Your time begins nows.

Mr Immanuel Kant
Mr Immanuel Kant Day 2,321, 03:27

I had forgotten about you lol

Someone hacked my IRC so I've not been able to get on for a while 😛

Anurag Sah
Anurag Sah Day 2,320, 11:19

Its only the start of this initiative .It is bound to improve.

Ragnell Day 2,320, 11:59

That's the spirit! 😃

Bharmal Day 2,320, 11:20

Great Initiative....

o7 for Anurag

Real Steel 3
Real Steel 3 Day 2,320, 22:59

thank you for the mention brother 07!!!

ANANTHAKRISHNAN Day 2,320, 23:04

Ash was the greatest Indian Ever.. For Sure.. he is the god.. The Great God Ashwamedh 😛
He definetly requires to be awarded.. But just one small suggestion :-

But if it is to Suit the title :- "Longest" Serving Indian.. Timberjack (tomato a.k.a [😑]) has served more actually.. 3-4 months more older Tomato is..
So I recommend u Gib both Ash and Tomato a chance in this Competition.. I do not mean disrespect to you Ash sir, U r always great..

Just a Suggestion Anurag

Gurbaaz Day 2,321, 02:22

Chaddibaaz is a sycophant too !

omegagamer Day 2,322, 07:21

Agreed, I would also want hsr/timberjack/tomato to have that nomination, along with Ashwamedh

Bharmal Day 2,321, 00:10

This is not a competition it is just a recognition of players who have put a lot for the community.

Everyone will be recognized. We had to start somewhere. This will only be improved upon.

MohanB Day 2,321, 00:46

Comment deleted

MohanB Day 2,321, 00:46

1- Indian forever-Longest serving Indian - Navincharles

2- Indian Soldier-Best Fighter for Indian - Hamturk

3-Indian Leader -Best Political servant - maverickdodgeknight

4-Indian Journalist-Best Media Contributor - Ashwamedh

Sibeesh Day 2,321, 01:21

Nice work

ANANTHAKRISHNAN Day 2,321, 03:50

2nd Topic I wouldn't ever recommend anyone else.. He is just too much.. 😛

But 1st Topic :- If the "longest" did mean the one who joined oldest and still continuing.. It will be Timberjack.. Then Comes Navincharles and Ashwamedh (but Ash sir had left the game for some time once)

Topic 3 :- Asmita is a great Political Servant but then there is Abhinay ( Hobblit) too.. He has saved us from PTOs.

Topic 4 :- Ash sir does have a big place here. RS3 too has a huge space in this Topic. But then, Patanji is also a good competitor to this post..

So what I recommend is, The Jury Decides maybe 3 or 4 people for each topic, and let Indians vote on each topic/

Like for Topic 4:- we should have 3 options to vote .. Patanji, Ash sir, RS3. Only then will there be any need to vote.. Coz U can never decide who is the best Indian by Comparing a Military champ with a Political Champ u see..

Anurag Sah
Anurag Sah Day 2,322, 08:21

Yes but you can't have four people as the first inductee .There should be only one person as first inductee.....

Jaskaran Singh
Jaskaran Singh Day 2,321, 06:12

No best troll award? :'(

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