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eIndia's Status

Day 1,836, 23:07 Published in India India by Skidude01

eIndia's economy only gets stronger with the viewable national bank balance measuring 78052.50 INR, the gold reserves are still the same (0.21). Cattle still remains the country's largest export followed by iron. Due to the recent fighting in Kerala India is unable to trade with Thailand.


eIndia is currently rebelling against Croatian command in Madhya Pradesh. Aside from this India is not involved in any other campaigns. India has no natural enemies and has the same allies as in my last report.


Congratulations to new citizens (9). The new mission "Duel Time" has massive rewards readers should look into completing.


Skidude01 Day 1,836, 23:47

Sry 'bout this article. I didn't have much time

Lonqu Day 1,836, 16:40

Not bad. o7

The RW was only started to get True Patriot medal - we aren't actually trying to get Madhya Pradesh back.

Wild Quark
Wild Quark Day 1,837, 18:34


Hem Sharma
Hem Sharma Day 1,838, 02:00


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