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eFalklands War - Pre-War Stats

Day 1,959, 08:11 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by CheetahCurtis

Tomorrow, we will see if Argentina will stick to their word and challenge our country, the eUK. This will be a tough test for our nation, but like in real life we will stay determined. In real life, the UK is a country with well-trained soldiers who have won many wars such as the Falklands war. Argentina is a country that plays football. If football and the Falklands existed in eRepublik this would be much the same, but since there isn't, Argentina will have to settle with an airstrike. This war will be interesting, so lets look at some pre-war statistics.


Argentina has the largest population, but also the lowest average level.

Argentina is benefitting from a babyboom as players join in the hope of conquering the UK. It is an important fact that Argentina is the largest country in terms of population. A majority of these citizens are in division 1, which will give them an advantage there. The UK has about a ninth of the population of Argentina, and is growing at such a small rate. Only 22 new citizens have been born in the UK in the past day. Ireland is an even smaller nation, around a quarter of the size of the UK.


Stats show the UK as a country which can defend it's regions.

Due to a war with Chile, Argentina has only 4 regions: Argentine Northwest, Cuyo, Patagonia and South East Chaco. They are likely to lose more if Chile continue the attacks. The UK, on the other hand, is a country which can defend from attackers and is holding all original regions. Ireland is another country holding original regions. The reason for this may be the lack of war seen by Ireland and the UK in the past few months. Over the few weeks, Argentina may gain regions if they can push into the UK but this is unlikely for Ireland who lack the firepower on their own to do this.


Similarly to the regions, the UK is the leader of the three.

During a war, a country needs to produce weapons and food to continue fighting. This is a struggle for countries which do not have as many resource bonuses as their enemies. The UK has greater bonuses than Argentina and Ireland, mainly because the UK also has more regions. Both Argentina and Ireland have the possibility to gain bonuses from attacking the UK, while the UK cannot attack Argentina's regions as Argentina will use an airstrike.

The UK may win in territories and bonuses, but with Argentina's amazing population stat this could easily change. However, statistics do not always show the winner before a war starts. For example, the UK was 9000 miles away from the Falkland Islands, but still managed to recapture it from a country so close to the islands. If Argentina are to challenge us, they will need more then just a high population stat.

If Argentina accept this challenge, I will have more articles coming out including more stat articles and some war review articles. At least one good thing will come out of the war!
This article was written by CheetahCurtis on the 1st of April 2013. Please subscribe for more great tips and info.


Albert 22
Albert 22 Day 1,959, 08:33

voted .

nathaner Day 1,959, 08:50

i think argentina will get distracted fighting us and lose most of there regions/bonuses to chile and that there active young population will drain there country of food and weapons without having a major impact on the war

CheetahCurtis Day 1,959, 08:53

Their young population will help them win in division 1(and maybe 2) in almost every battle. Effecting half of the divisions, that is kind of a major impact on the war.

Alexandre Abrantes
Alexandre Abrantes Day 1,959, 14:21

if they win d1 and d2 in every battle and we win d3 and d4 then it will be an easy win for us

ezekis Day 1,959, 09:54

argentina doesn`t care the bonuses, we only want a mega babyboom in a few week we go back home ..

Ziltoid16 Day 1,960, 03:37

I'm pretty sure the eUK doesn't much care what Argentina wants or doesn't want, all we need to know is that you're invading on dubious grounds, as always.

Hacha y Suela
Hacha y Suela Day 1,960, 19:35

prepare yourself...

nathaner Day 1,959, 08:55

it still takes at least a month to get to division 2 so most of there baby boom will only effect div 1 which is only 1/11 of the battles , all wars are won by div 3/4 tanks

BeeDeeCollecter Day 1,959, 09:23

If Argentina does decide to come our way, its likely we can start our own boom, especially given they are doing this specifically because of the Falklands.

metal reloaded
metal reloaded Day 1,959, 09:31

For example, the UK was 9000 miles away from the Malvinas Islands (fixed)
True story, tell me, are malvinas in south america or europe? In 1833, when UK invaded it, Malvinas was under the government of argentina, in 1842, UK invade china and occupied Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a chinese city since 1997. Malvinas will be argentina again when UK understands can not live invading foreign territory.

NueveOcho Day 1,959, 09:43

Still butthurt about it?

Thedark ace
Thedark ace Day 1,959, 09:44

Malvinas Islands are fictional, like Atlantis.

However, you might be confusing them with the Falkland Islands, is that what you mean?

Jny123 Day 1,959, 09:57

Mate this thing called democracy, in the form of a referendum, where falkland islanders voted they wanted to stay britsh. So if we gave you the islands then you would be the invafers because the islanders want to be british.
Ofcourse you could try and take again, but that didnt go well for you last time. 250 british killed, 650 argentinians killed. THERE IS NO NEED TO REPEAT THAT!

metal reloaded
metal reloaded Day 1,959, 10:01

in 1984, when Margaret Thatcher was prime minister, she didin´t make a referendum with the people of Hong Kong She signed an agreement with China, and do not ask anyone. The referendum is a lie.

Jny123 Day 1,959, 10:25

The united nations said "Brad Smith, the leader of the international observer group, announced that the referendum was free and fair and executed in accordance with international standards and international laws."
So that arguement is now crap. As for hong kong, i dont about it. I know that the falklands asked for a referendum to make a point to you.
Your next arguement please?

Yank Cisnero
Yank Cisnero Day 1,959, 10:50

Referendum in Malvinas only demostrated that british want to remain british.. It's an implanted population, not an original one..

Let's make a clear example.. China attacks british islands, they send british population somewhere else, and place chinesse instead..

Then, they ask them.. Inhabitants of this islands, what do you are? British or Chinesse?

The answer is pure common sense..

Jny123 Day 1,959, 11:18

Youve just raised an point which is agaonst yourself? Are you goingto make a britsh person argentinian? Thats invasion. We arent forcing an argentinian to live under us so why should you have the right to make a british person live under you?
My advice at this point is give up.

metal reloaded
metal reloaded Day 1,959, 11:52

You can buy a house in Argentina with British citizenship. No one will stop you from doing this, The problem is Malvinas are Argentine territory. The kelpers can remain British, but the islands were invaded by UK in 1833. In 1842, Queen Victoria invaded Hong Kong too. In 1984, Margaret Thatcher returned the city to China, their original country. No one pretends the kelpers become argentines if their interest do it, but the islands are in Argentina (south america) not europe. It is not so hard to see the map and my advice is to read the history of Hong Kong to understand our point.

CheetahCurtis Day 1,959, 12:01

The first recorded landing on the Falklands was an "englishman" called Captain John Strong in 1690. He didn't see any Argentinians.

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,959, 12:25

Any population is going to be implanted, they were empty before Europeans found them.

metal reloaded
metal reloaded Day 1,959, 12:44

With your reasoning, Spain should be the owner of Latin America because Columbus reached America in 1492. Argentina is an independent country since 1810 recognized by UK in 1825, in 1829 Juan Manuel de Rosas, our president has appointed Luis Vernet Governor of the Falkland Islands. On January 2, 1833, an English fleet attacked and conquered the islands Argentina. Thereafter, the Argentines could not go and live in the Falklands. Everyone, including UN is telling them that sovereignty is Argentina, USA does not recognize the current government of the islands, do not realize they're in a foreign territory? if you go into a house and occupy the real owner continues to own the house, regardless of who now live there.

Bob Bloggs
Bob Bloggs Day 1,960, 07:13

@Hao Assakura: there was no original population in the falklands so we are the original owners of the land, just like you are a member of an implanted population, the spanish collonists killing the natives off! We couldn't of driven the population off, if there was nobody there
@metal reloaded: we gave Hong Kong back because we realised that we had no way of really defending them properly, China gave them to us because we beat them in the opium wars, so they were british for over a century and we brought them wealth and prosperity

Chabon Day 1,960, 08:03

Comment deleted

Chabon Day 1,960, 08:05

@Bob Bloggs: You are right: there was no original population in those islands. French, English and Spanish settled there and then left. A lot of years later, Argentine people settled there (when deserted) and they were invaded by Britain. Who owns the land? I think it should be discussed (as the UN is asking since 1965).

metal reloaded
metal reloaded Day 1,960, 10:35

@BogBlogs: countries attacked by UK in the 19th century: 1806 and 1807 Argentina (Buenos Aires) 1833 Islas Malvinas, Argentina, 1842 China, hong kong, 1845 Argentina (Vuelta de obligado in front of Buenos Aires, again), 1854, Crimea (Ukraine) against Russia, India (1857), Pakistan (1858), Africa (a lo lot of countries since 1860, incluiding Egypt and south africa where in the war against boers in 1894 UK built the first concentration camp in history), 1879, afganistan. In 1917, UK began their histoy in Palestina and Israel, still the world is paying the wrong Uk caused there. UK must finish this history of blood and war and forget you are no longer an empire, but to become a country that respects the sovereignty and territory of others. The truth is that the malvinas do not want them back because there are oil. I want to ask you something, are kelpers they are European british or South American british? the malvinas are not in europe.

Jny123 Day 1,959, 13:17

According to yoyr figures then the falklands has been british for a lot longer than they were yours. 4 years vs 180 years. You think you have a right to claim this because?
To be honest if this is your arguement then i say canada, australia and usa should all be british, regardless of them been independent from us.

Chabon Day 1,959, 15:03

It's not 4 vs 180 years. It's occupied vs. taken by force. If someone steals your new car and keeps it, it doesn't belong to him, no matter how long he keeps it.

Iscay Day 1,959, 22:08

this is just a game, not rL.

BeeDeeCollecter Day 1,959, 13:50

in 1833 Argentina wasnt even a country. How can you be the government of a country, when you yourself do not exist?

Chabon Day 1,959, 15:00

Argentina exists as an independent country since 1810.

metal reloaded
metal reloaded Day 1,959, 15:45

Argentina was invaded by british army 4 times: 1806 and 1807, all the people fight against Uk and you were beaten. After this, 1825, UK recognized the independence of argentina, in 1833 attack Malvinas, and 1845 UK with france attacked Buenos Aires in the battle of Vuelta de Obligado, enough?

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,959, 14:04

Regardless of whether your facts are correct or not, after 180 years it's too late to evict the people who live there now, who have been there for up to 7 generations.

NueveOcho Day 1,959, 14:53

Argentinian logic is fail logic 😛

Chabon Day 1,959, 15:07

Argentina never said anything about evicting people (as UK did in 1833 when they invaded). Thousands of British citizens live in Argentina nowadays. No problem with that. Population is not the issue here.

NicoSan Day 1,959, 17:32

No metas vida real en esto, carece de sentido acusar a alguien de invasor para justificar que lo invadís. Concuerdo con tu razonamiento, ademas nos apoya el derecho internacional, pero ahora estamos en un juego.

Vilh Smecwald
Vilh Smecwald Day 1,959, 17:39

Good of you to mention Luis Vernet. In 1833, he asked the British for permission to create a settlement on the Falklands...i.e. he knew the islands were British. When the United Provinces later claimed him as Governor, the British refused to acknowledge him. Also, the Spanish didn't recognise Argentina until 1857, so the Argentinians can hardly claim to inherit the Falklands from Spain when the Falklands were British. Finally, if the Argentinians believe they are the indigenous population of the Falklands, then they should give up all of Argentina, as they are not indigenous.

Chabon Day 1,959, 18:22

@Vaett Vangr: Vernet asked for permission as a private citizen (he was European). Argentina never did.

Chabon Day 1,959, 18:28

And Argentina doesn't claim to be "the indigenous population" as it is not a claim for population but for territory.

Vilh Smecwald
Vilh Smecwald Day 1,959, 19:49

well, if Vernet's attempt at settlement wasn't on behalf of Argentina, then the Argentinians have never settled there. The Argentinians can't claim ownership from Spain, as they abandoned it in 1811 and there is no evidence they gave up their claim to the United Provinces (only to the mainland). The only people evicted were the administrators - everybody else was permitted to stay.

Vilh Smecwald
Vilh Smecwald Day 1,959, 19:54

Anyway, Luis Vernet claimed to act on behalf of the government of Buenos Aires - the United Provinces were hardly united under one leader. Also, at that time, Patagonia was completely uninhabited - you can hardly claim the Falklands based on proximity.

Chabon Day 1,960, 06:17

Vernet successful settlement on the then deserted islands WAS on behalf of Argentina (Buenos Aires at that time as you pointed out) and thus the title of governor he received and the gauchos he took to be his settlers. Britain didn't want him there and took him out by force 4 years later.

Orinocco Day 1,960, 10:01

So argentina is not yours as it was invaded by the spanards and implanted you people there, so in reality it is not your country so the falklands are not yours.

Vilh Smecwald
Vilh Smecwald Day 1,960, 12:24

The settlement was hardly successful considering how when the British turned up, they found another "Governor" had been murdered, his wife raped, and the whole settlement was up in mutiny because the conditions were so horrible. Hardly a case for self-determination. The Argentine claim for the Falklands is even weaker than their claim for the land of continental Argentina. If the British are acting as a "colonial power" as is often claimed, then the Argentinians certainly are as well.

Chabon Day 1,960, 13:51

Yes, there was chaos and even a mutiny after a raid made by the USS Lexington witch destroyed most of the settlement. But order had already been restored when the British came and took control by force.

Vilh Smecwald
Vilh Smecwald Day 1,960, 16:26

You fail to mention that the raid happened after Vernet was deemed a pirate for apprehending three American ships illegally. He was later arrested and sent to Buenos Aires - hardly a successful settlement. The captain of the USS Lexington said that the settlement was in a bad state BEFORE the raid. p.s. Buenos Aires did not represent the whole of the United Provinces at that time.

Vilh Smecwald
Vilh Smecwald Day 1,960, 16:28

It's no good metal reloaded saying that Britain should forget it is no longer an Empire - Britain has given up almost all of its land from the days of its Empire, while Argentina is entirely made up of land taken from indigenous populations.

Vilh Smecwald
Vilh Smecwald Day 1,960, 16:30

Welsh settlers colonised Patagonia on behalf of the United Provinces, so really, I suppose they should claim that land AND the Falklands on the basis of proximity.

Mr Knee
Mr Knee Day 1,960, 10:59

Re: Hong Kong and China...

In 1898, the UK and China signed The Convention for the Extension of Hong Kong Territory - a treaty that saw Hong Kong leased to the UK for 99 years... The city was handed back in 1997 when the lease ran out... Had China been a major ass about it, they could have invaded and taken back the land at more or less any point...

gManalishi Day 1,960, 12:13

@Mr Knee: I was reading through these posts to see if anyone had pointed that out. I'm glad someone did! Comparing Hong Kong and The Falklands is really not an equal comparison.

metal reloaded
metal reloaded Day 1,960, 16:17

Hong kong was taken by uk army in 1842 in the war of opium. In that time british were the main dealers of drugs.

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