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Educating our Citizens for the Future

Day 2,365, 09:17 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Department for Education

In 1870 the Elementary Education (Forster) Act was passed, giving a free public education for all children aged 5-13 in the UK. Further Acts in 1880 and 1891 strengthened the right and opportunity for all children to obtain an elementary education. Over time some "higher education" schools also opened, with entry based on the passing of exams rather than the ability of the family to pay.

Meanwhile, from around 1862 onwards the older universities and colleges were expanding their curricula.

But it took until 2014 for the eUK to have its own University - the eBrit University.

Anyone can enroll, although it is mostly aimed at those who are under level 25 - in fact, when one enrolls in the NHS, one will normally be invited to become an eBrit University student as well (if I've missed you, I apologise - real life got busy).

The curriculum is simple - complete tasks set out in order, and be rewarded. Rewards are normally GBP, food or weapons. At present there is no time limit to complete the course, although some sort of limit is under consideration to help spur completion. All the tasks are designed to help our students become familiar with most of the aspects of eUK citizenship.

Want to know more? Contact Madelina de Melrose, Chancellor of eBrit University and current Minister of Education.


Spite313 Day 2,365, 09:20


WayneKerr Day 2,365, 09:42

why not just put the information here...

Madelina de Melrose
Madelina de Melrose Day 2,365, 20:18

It won't fit. Plus I need to be able to go in and do updates regularly, and if I'm not MoE I won't have access to this site.

hotfuz Day 2,365, 10:28


Topher Fair
Topher Fair Day 2,365, 10:35

I'll sign up!

PatroclusMega Day 2,365, 11:57


Mr Woldy
Mr Woldy Day 2,365, 23:09


Niemand Day 2,366, 01:00

Voted and shouted!

KearoB Day 2,366, 09:10


KearoB Day 2,366, 12:15

UK player under lvl28? sign up

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