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EDEN did that pTO!

Day 1,767, 15:53 Published in USA USA by Ariakis

A true patriot, real US citizen and even ambassador!

Clearly not a Serb and went to that party by accident.

Oh and by the way - Americans you were not - I repeat you were not infiltrated with ONE/ex-ONE citizens long time ago.

And this and that are certainly living people. Not Serbian at all. Americans for sure.

And anti-EDEN and pro-CTRL stands never happened.



Atea Day 1,767, 16:35

You sir are awesome, reading your newspapers backwards since I missed alot.

FAF CarolM
FAF CarolM Day 1,767, 16:46


Admiral  PAC
Admiral PAC Day 1,767, 16:48

III Pocetnik Krivobarac III
III Pocetnik Krivobarac III Day 1,767, 16:48

big vote

Norbengo is just big fail rofl

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 1,767, 16:49

lol, those ain't edenites, that's for sure.

Matija Kovacevic
Matija Kovacevic Day 1,767, 16:53


bigcdizzle Day 1,767, 16:55

We all know that AFA is full of a bunch of Serbs. For crying out loud, the PP is Sidarta.

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 1,767, 16:58

As a cp of one of the US's old countries, we sure hope you guys come back from your flirt with the Polskas, our occupiers. Heck, your founding fathers embarked in now by PL occupied city, Delfshaven. 🙁
This occupation is going on since januari 2011. We're bleeding dry eversince. Nowadays there's no more hope of ever getting our regions freed, so many ppl leave, quit the game, or go in hybernation.

Ariakis Day 1,767, 17:11

Well bicdizzle - actually there's also a lot of Bulgarians.
Clearly not too many EDENites. Or French.

Ukrainian Dream
Ukrainian Dream Day 1,767, 18:33

True story

Suzuki Ryosuke
Suzuki Ryosuke Day 1,767, 22:45


BeDva Day 1,768, 01:08

norbengo, hanibal, sidarta - all serbs 100%, just like their party minions..
bring back rod damon!! ^^

Smiljan Day 1,768, 01:31

BeDva Day 1,768, 01:08
18m ago

norbengo, hanibal, sidarta - all serbs 100%, just like their party minions..
bring back rod damon!! ^^

You guys forget point out on Borissaljkas, leader of serbian PTO group named "Cipelići"

Black Sonia
Black Sonia Day 1,768, 02:12


norme.kk Day 1,768, 13:16

nie ma sztandara w komentach jeszcze? 🙁

Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Day 1,769, 16:45

Good read

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