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Day 2,005, 00:33 Published in USA Albania by AUTOCHTHONOUS ILLYRICUM

Hello eUSA and eCzech Republic.
I'm writing this arricle for the last news in eCzech Republic.
At first,my conservation with eCzech Republic's MoFA ( Cwelle_Deluxe ) was great,the idea having more friends around the world,be respected and respect them.After they did o great job against eRepublic of Macedonia (FYROM)'s (FYROM) PTO,they wanted to make longer their only mpp,with Australia ,as you can see here Your text to link here...
In this article ,is an opinion of their MoE,Vladislav Baloun,for a new alliance of the five countries of Central and Eastern Europe. eBelarus, eCzech Republic, eAustria,eSlovakia and eUkraine ,but I don't know if this 5 countries have contacs with each other for a possibility of e new alliance,which will be proTWO.
This morning I saw the proposed law Your text to link here... ,after that ePoland attacks their region Moravia ,it's all about a training war between two countries.After that more news will be from eCzech Republic
eUSA ambassador I L L Y R I C U M!



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