eCyprus - eIsrael peace treaty.

Day 2,606, 02:17 Published in Cyprus Cyprus by Mithrantir

Hello everyone.

We are pleased to announce the following treaty between eCyprus and eIsrael, following our brief war.

The agreement is signed from the President of each country included in the pact and the details will be published from the official newspaper (or any other newspaper used for this matter) of both countries, obligatory in English and optionally in each country's native language.

The pact is as follows:

1)eCyprus and eIsrael sign a 2 month NAP starting its validity on the day of the publishing of this article.
2)eIsrael will pay 20k cc to eCyprus as war reparations.
3)eCyprus will return all the regions to eIsrael.
4)Both sides commit to not passing a NE law between them. Troll laws have to be dealt by their respective governments.

eCyprus President Mithrantir
eIsrael President Tom Kafir