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Day 1,836, 22:20 Published in India India by Skidude01

eIndia, the great nation, rich in natural and cultural wonders. The status of the economy reflects the beauty of the nation. With 78696.72 INR in the viewable national bank and 0.21 gold eIndia is finically secure. Cattle remains the main produce being bred in North India, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, West Bengal and Bihar. Iron is the next most common tappable resource being mined in Jammu and Kashmir. eIndia still is unable to trade with Thailand and will be unable to do so for 26 days. As said previously the minimum wage still is 0.99 INR.


The political status in India remains the same and I strongly advise all to join a party (if not done already), and apply for congress and/or the party/presidential elections.


eIndia still has no natural enemy (in my eyes this is a weakness). The Resistance War in Madhya Pradesh was lost to the Croatians, ending the most recent war in with/in India. eIndia is currently allies with Portugal, Australia, China, Romania, Croatia and Greece. I have received information the the campaign in Madhya Pradesh was launched to assist a particular citizen. I hope this does not occur again for all actions should be aimed to benefit India and the greater good.


Now with 890 citizens our number has fallen greatly. 8 new citizens have joined us today. A note to readers if you have any non Indian citizens as friends encourage them to become citizens as this will help our military power and social economic status (SES).


As said yesterday the mission duel time has huge rewards including +50 XP, +5 Bazookas, +5 Bazooka Boosters. This will help India (and you) reach its military goals.


eIndia remains in a satisfactory state and I hope it remains so.



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