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Day 1,892, 13:31 Published in India India by Maxi Tippkick Maximillian

You all know that we are fighting resistance wars in Southern India so it is literraly an uphill battle.Although we have lost in Jharkhand we have bigger problems.For quite sometime there has been a race between countries to become the biggest colonial powerhouse and its draining the major country treasuries.Even places like Canada are not safe anymore.If we do win this war many people,myself included,will leave.We,the strong citizens of India can handle the wars,but the job of our government is to not let our victories go down the drain.The best job is 10.02 INR,that is equal to nothing!!!!!!!!The priorty of our so called "elite citizens"is to make this country a better place to live.Our leaders are just signing protection pacts when they should be trying to join alliances and building welfare department and free food and weapons to newbies.There is no point to take back India back if India isn't worth saving.So with all due respect to the leaders,get off the IRC and build India.I will stay in eIndia if eIndia comes out of the ashes a better place.



Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,892, 20:17

Remember when plenty of $27 jobs were available? Those were the days....

games.k67 Day 1,892, 20:43

Hi Parth,

Government is doing very good in these bad days Parth, We need to grow to help our home country. Off course i am lucky in getting the good job which earns me 20 inr 17 after tax. which is more then sufficient for my food buying in INDIA at present i am not buying weapons for fights or going to IRC for them. I am getting 10 INR for WRM sales. Which i am saving for training ground upgrade and buying companies frist priority would be training ground upgrade which earns me more gold. And one more ting i got 200 INR from elders with out asking any body.

Outsiders always comes to india for there own interests and comments us but not for eindia development, At the end we need to develop us stay here for our development.

Jai hind

Advance Republic Day

Ind1anMartyr Day 1,893, 23:51

Parth... Im not sure if you have understood the game yet... its a SOCIAL community game.

Those who are on IRC ARE working for India. Dont you think people have so many other avenues to have fun and chat than sit on IRC?

Please understand the game first and speak to these same people on IRC to find out what they are doing for India.

btw you DO know that India's problems stem form a low population and that the ONLY way out of this is by building a strong community of real, enthusiastic players?

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,893, 21:00

"...building a strong community of real, enthusiastic players?"

Does "enthusiastic" mean subordinate to the High Council?

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