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Economy going down the pan?

Day 1,211, 12:52 Published in USA USA by John Killah
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Now, i'm sure some people will correct me on this because i'm still a newbie in this area.

Looks like our Economy is really suffering now. Grain's fallen from 0.10 to 0.06, and while it may not seem a lot, it's really hitting EVERYONE'S pockets. I've seen my profits nose-dive just by lowering it to 0.07. People who made me profit, started making me losses.

But of course, it's not just the companies that are suffering. If prices and profits go down, the staple that is wages go down, and that affects EVERYONE. Less money to spend will only drive the prices down further because nobody will be able to buy anything, and when that happens, they will leave/die.

So, if somone could oblige, what the hell are we going to do about this when people will just undercut a certain price to make sure their product sells?



porngroove Day 1,211, 13:00

raw material prices go down -> wages go down -> final product prices go down

less money earned & less prices 😕/ nothing changes

code0011 Day 1,211, 13:27

Prices fluctuate. Sometimes all the prices/wages/everything are low, then they recover, usually because that kind of thing just happens, admins start up the buybot, or someone with pockets so deep they make holes in the ground buys all the cheap items, across most markets pushing the prices up.

Doom Soldier
Doom Soldier Day 1,211, 13:27

admin's shoud put somebody in charge who is skilled in economy.

The Libertine
The Libertine Day 1,211, 13:32

The economy will balance itself over time. We're in the age of self supply at the moment. It'll be tough for some, but as wages go down so will prices, so purchasing power should stay mostly stable.

Many smaller countries have few job offers at all. Comparatively, we're a very strong economy- always have goods on the market and always have job offers.

Krixuz Day 1,211, 13:40

If you are self supplying with food etc, The prices don't affect you.

Sentinial Prime
Sentinial Prime Day 1,211, 14:10

cCc delete work as manager option cCc

Darkskye Day 1,211, 15:10

It's going to get worse, the new storage limit will force people to sell products regularly starting Day 1250 when the limits are enforced. Before, I would hold my stock and wait patiently for prices to go up. Now, I will no longer have that option. I will have to sell them at a loss or pay more RL money for storage. Both options suck.

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