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Economic Times

Day 1,877, 16:23 Published in USA USA by Jmaj

It is hard in these economic times. People have barely enough money even with the highest paying jobs at around $20/day. I saw this crisis when fingerguns walked into office. This new president has a tough task. Be booed out of office by many people for making the crisis worse, even if it isn;t their fault, or go unrecognized even if the miraculous is pulled off by keeping the numbers balanced. During these times I encourage communes to be run and more to be popping up. But, remember this: when life descends it doesn't end.



Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati Day 1,878, 01:10

A good eUS war will drive up demand. Prices and wages will go up, as a result. The economy is based on war.

Endl3ssly Day 1,878, 19:28

Agree haha xp

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