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Economic Situation with Jobs

Day 1,935, 14:00 Published in USA Serbia by Thomas Wessel

Ladies and Gentlemen of the USA.

Today I bring another noob friendly article and I will be talking about:

A: Is it more worth to take a job in the job market?
B: Is it more worth to work in a commune or receive a pay by donation?

We will start by analyzing some salary from the Job Market.

The current highest salary is at $13.61. If you take away money from taxes, $13.61 changes to $10.2075, which rounds up to $10.21. That means $3.40 goes to taxes.

With this, you can buy around 340 Q1 Food or just 1 Q7 weapons, which I use. In my MU, we work for a guy named Gnilraps and earn $1.03 per day. You might think this is idiotic and that I should quit, but actually its worth it.

In MUs, you work and earn very little, but you actually earn from it because you receive free food and weapons per day. In my MU you get weapons and food from the amount of kills that you get from the previous day.

Say that I get 25 kills the day before, the day after I will get 8 Q7 weapons. For food you can either choose no food, 30 Q6 food or 60 Q6 food. This is something you should be honest about and really calculate how much you need for 1 day. Our MU doesn't want people that are greedy and asks for more supplies than what you actually need to last a day.

Please DO NOT just rush and join our MU, because we are presently closed and would like you to apply first, beforehand. Anyone that joins without permission will get a warning and if still ignored, banned from our MU.

To apply for EZC, go here:

To apply for eUSAF Flight Training, a more noob friendly MU go here:

Another noob friendly MU, eUnited States Citizens MU:

So, lets calculate how much 8 Q7 weapons costs and how much 30 Q6 food costs in the market.

8 Q7 Weapons: $53,20
30 Q6 Weapons: $6,30

NOTE: This was taken at the current market price at around 14:00 server time on Day 1935! The price might possibly have been changed by the time you are reading this!

Now, would you rather have a bad salary at $10.21 or a group of people that takes care of you and gives you free supplies?

All together, I earn around $60 at my MU each day.

Of course there might be jobs offering you more salary, but in order to join good and proper MUs, you will have to work at a low salary to earn your free supplies.

If you are still in need of money, you can always go and find a what I like to call it a "Sponsor". If you write good and serious articles and you get noticed, you can have a "Sponsor" giving you either cash, gold, food and weapons. You get money or supplies from him for every good article he approves and you publish. He might suggest what you have to write though, so if you feel uncomfortable about what he asks you to write about, dont do it. It's your article after all.

Anyways, if you really want to earn "real" money and have a family that takes care of you, I suggest you join a MU. Good luck and maybe we will meet each other in Easy Company one day!

Please V+S! 🙂

Best Regards,

Thomas Wessel



Edelmann Day 1,935, 14:04

Joining a fitting(!) MU is always worth it, in every aspect you can think of.

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Day 1,935, 14:32


Thomas Wessel
Thomas Wessel Day 1,935, 14:45

Currahee! 😃

Dogpyle Day 1,935, 16:12


Clydeo Day 1,935, 16:34


Deepchill Day 1,935, 16:49

Got it right.

kavinaugh Day 1,936, 06:40


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