Economic Planning with Training Grounds

Day 4,540, 08:46 Published in USA Chile by Wilker Nath

Every 250 strength points, you are awarded the "Super Soldier" medal, which also awards 5 gold. By training with some of the pay-to-train training grounds, you can get this medal faster, but is it worth it?

In this article I will explore 3 strategies for building either strength or gold using different combinations of training grounds.

1: Gold strategy

This strategy is meant to maximize gold income with no regard for strength gained.

With the free training ground fully upgraded, you can get 20 strength per day from it. 250/20=12.5 days per medal, or 2 medals (10 gold) every 25 days. Since it is free, you should ALWAYS train using the free training ground.

The 0.19g training ground grants 2.5 str/day at 1 star. 250/2.5=100 days (hypothetically if you were only training using this one) per medal. 100x0.19=19 gold per medal, - 5gold award per medal = -12gold per medal.
At 2 stars, 5 str/day, this number comes out to -4.5
At 3 stars, 7.5 str/day, the number is -1.3333
At 4 stars, 10 str/day, the number is 0.25 per medal. That is 0.25g every (250/10🙂 25 days.

A fully upgraded 0.19g training ground is the only one which will give you more gold than it costs to train with. It will cost 170 gold to fully upgrade this training ground. 170/0.25=680 25-day cycles before this investment breaks even. 680x25=17000 days before this investment breaks even. erepublik is less than 5000 days old. 17000/365= 46.57 years before this investment breaks even.

The 0.89 gold training ground at 4 stars gived 20 str/day. 250/20=12.5 days for 5 gold, same as the free training ground. However, 0.89x12.5=11.125. 11.125-5 gold =6.125. By using only the fully-upgraded 0.89g training ground, you will lose 6.125g every 12.5 days.

The 1.79g training ground fully upgraded gives 40 str/day. 250/40 = 6.25. 6.25x1.79 = 11.19 gold every 6.25 days. 11.19-5= a loss of 6.19g every 6.25 days.

2: Middle Ground strategy

This strategy for gaining strength is designed to figure out the mostr strength possible to be gained, while still making a net gold profit from medal awards-training cost.

As said before, the free training ground should ALWAYS be used. The 10g/25 days, along with the 0.25 gold profit every 25 days, will be added to the net negatives of training with the other training grounds.

The 0.89 ground, as stated above, returns -6.125g every 12.5 days, or -12.25g every 25 days. Summed with the net profit for the free and 0.19g ground, we get a net loss of 2g every 25 days. For some (assuming upgrades are already purchased) this may be a worthwhile strategy for gaining strength while minimizing gold loss.

The 1.79g ground is a different story. 25/6.25= 4. 4x6.19=24.76 gold lost in a 25 day period. Summed with the free and 0.19g, we get 14.51g lost in a 25 day period, when training with fully-upgraded free, 0.19, and 1.79 grounds but NOT the 0.89g ground.

3: Strength strategy

For someone who wants to get the most strength possible, money is no object. The cost of all 4 training grounds fully-upgraded comes out to 71.75g every 25 days. Almost 3 gold every day.
The profit per 25 days can be found this way:
Every ground together gives a total of 90 str/day when fully upgraded. 90x25=2250 str every 25 days. 2250/250=9 medals every 25 days. 9x5=45 gold every 25 days. 71.75-45=26.75g loss every 25 days, or a little over 1g each day. For those serious about training, this cost can be made up in other ways.

The biggest hurdle to overcome with this strategy is the cost of upgrading all the grounds to 4 stars: a grand total of 1040 gold.

Fun fact: I did all this math just so I would have something useful to publish. Please give me 25 comments.

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