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eBrit University - How it Works

Day 2,377, 20:14 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Department for Education

The eBrit University is run by the NHS with donations by kind citizens. Our aim is to help players who are new to eRepublik who need that little helping hand - and we've all been there. We are not politically biased and there are no hidden catches, you do not have to pay back the rewards. All you have to do is complete the tasks below, they are very simple and designed to help you adapt to the game and the eUK community.

When each task completed will see you receive a reward. We suggest strongly that you save the rewards for now, especially the gold for Training Ground updates because in this game the key thing is strength, and you achieve this by training. The best advice we can offer is to save your gold until the admins release an offer on upgrading training grounds...then spend away. The higher your strength the more damage you do which is beneficial to yourself and your country.

Tasks must be completed in the order given... within reason. If you've finished Task 15 before Task 7, that's fine (except as noted below), but you won't get the reward until you've finished Tasks 1-14.

We strongly urge you to take the game and tasks slowly and avoid heavy fighting until you have a respectable strength.

Once you have completed a task contact the Chancellor of eBrit University, Madelina de Melrose, to receive your reward, except where otherwise noted.


Task 1 - Join a Military Unit (MU). There are many benefits from joining a MU including doing the daily orders, including daily supplies if you complete those Daily Orders.

Task 2 - Join a political party. Playing a part in the political side is an option open to you but if you wish to represent your country in eUK politics then you have to be part of a political party. It also will open up doors to parts of our community you may miss otherwise.

Task 3 - Upload an Avatar. It’s a simple as that! You can upload an avatar/edit your profile by clicking your name on the left side of the screen. Avatars have to be a .jpg image and the ideal size is 150x150 pixels. You can also ask for us to make you an avatar, just comment below and we will be in touch with you or if you prefer you can ask your MU Commander or President of your Political Party.

Task 4 - Have 20 eUK citizens on your friends list. You can add people by clicking on their profile and clicking the “add friend” button on the top right of their profile. The more friends you have, the more help and support you will get, and the more you will get to know the community better!

Task 5 - Reach level 15. This one doesn’t take long at all!

From here on, when a task is completed the student must notify the Chancellor or other designated official of eBrit University, providing whatever proof of completion is required.

Task 6 - Make five posts in your MU feeds and five in your political party feeds. Not sure where to do that? Have a look at the far right of the screen, down a bit. There are a few tabs - one for your military unit, one for your political party, one for your friends. Go down to an empty dialogue box and start typing!

To receive the reward, when you make each post, send a screenshot to Madelina de Melrose.

Task 7 – Have (at least) one food and one weapons factory. You will want to have a farm and a mine, too, to supply them! Send screenshot of your “Companies” page to Madelina de Melrose.

Task 8 - Subscribe to 8 newsletters. These are on the lower left, near the middle of the page. You'll see a list of ones that have got the most votes… people click the "vote" button on the newsletter to signify their approval of the message. There are also a series of tabs there, to pull up newsletters with articles about various aspects of eUK.

To receive the reward, send the list of newspapers to which you have subscribed to Madelina de Melrose.

Task 9 - Register on the eUK Forums and play a part in our growing community. You will meet many friendly people who are always willing to help you.

To receive the reward, take a screenshot of the page showing you have enrolled and send it to Madelinna de Melrose.

Task 10 - Complete 5 posts on the forums. Simple as that, they can be posts about anything, so long as they adhere to the forum rules.

To receive the reward, when you make each post, send a screenshot to Madelina de Melrose.

Task 11 - Reach Division 2 (Level 25). This will take just a little bit of time but don't feel you have to rush it.

Task 12 - Get on IRC. You just enter your eRepublik name and you’re automatically thrown into the eUK IRC room!

Task 13 - Achieve your first hard worker medal. You gain this medal after training and fighting for 30 days. They don’t have to be concurrent days, just so long as at some point you have worked and trained a total of 30 days.

Task 14 - Earn 100 strength points through training.

This is the one that can't be done ahead of time. Before starting this task, contact Madelina de Melrose so your strength points can be registered. Then when you have completed the 100, contact her again to receive the reward.

Task 15 - Obtain your first Super Soldier medal (250 strength points). Keep training, you’ll soon get it! You’ll also get a 5 gold reward every time you get a Super Soldier medal, which you get at every 250 strength (250, 500, 750, 1000 etc…).

Task 16 - Become a journalist! Create your own newsletter and write your first article for it. Doesn't have to be long or involved, but interesting is always good!

Task 17 - Obtain your second Super Soldier medal (500 Strength points).

Task 18 - Upgrade your free training ground at least once. Upgrading your free training ground will mean that you will gain more strength every day. To upgrade your free training ground, click on “My Places” on the top bar, then click Training Grounds (next to your companies).

The top training ground is the free one, it costs 20 gold to upgrade to a Q2 quality training ground. We would advise that you actually wait until there is a Training Ground deal on (you’ll see this at the top of your homepage when the deal is on), meaning that you can upgrade your Training Ground for 45% less gold, so instead of it costing you 20 gold, it will cost you 11 gold. Using this training ground will mean you gain 10 strength a day, instead of 5.

To receive your reward, send a screen shot of the upgrade to Madelina de Melrose.

Task 19 - Reach the in-game rank of Major. You’ll get this one pretty quickly too!

Task 20 - Have five people subscribe to your newsletter. You may have to go out and "sell" it…

When we started the University, we did not put a time limit on completing the tasks. However, we now realise we need to ensure the students are making at least a token effort to complete the course! So we're moving to the NHS activity monitoring system - if you don't increase your experience points in 14 days, we will assume you no longer are actively playing eRepublik and will remove you from the roster of active students. Should you return at some point (and some people do, your Chancellor didn't play for about a year before returning and getting 'hooked' on the game) you can re-enroll.


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Niemand Day 2,378, 04:38


averson Day 2,378, 05:05

Nice article, I like the program. Good luck!


MaryamQ Day 2,378, 06:00

Great way to get started. Graduates should be well established by the time they finish.

Perry Rhodan
Perry Rhodan Day 2,378, 12:22

Hurray for education \o/

Sir Charles Moncrieff
Sir Charles Moncrieff Day 2,380, 07:06

as a new player, this is brilliant!

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