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eBosnian and Hercegovina!

Day 468, 02:07 Published in United Kingdom Bosnia and Herzegovina by Narodna Banka BiH

A dream coming true 
The admins have announced Bosnia Herzegovina will be the next country eRepublik. As they said, it will be an important piece that will complete the Balkan puzzle, between the newly established Serbia and Croatia. 
We are only a few who are working together to create this beautiful country, and therefore count on your generosity. 
Bosnia is a country that will enter into the community of nations with a desire to have excellent relations with their immediate neighbours, and share its resources with its allies. 

Help us to establish the first training structures, the first governing bodies, we will be eternally grateful. For this purpose, we have created this Or, representing the Central Bank of the future country. Donate all the coins you have left, or the gold you’re accumulating, it will be used exclusively in the formation of the future nation. 
Bosnia, a small country in the Balkans, seeks your help. Answer to the call of your heart! 
I am also from Bosnia!



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SaraDroz Day 468, 03:40

And then kill each other?

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