eBelgium for all countries who made NE or AS on us !

Day 2,792, 11:57 Published in Belgium Belgium by Ely.nea

Hello dear friends,

We had in this moment O region 😁

ebelgium is like that in the moment :

But why are we in this situation ?

Ah yeah ! because we are a country so welcoming !

Sometimes we take strange decisions 🙂

But i love my country just because when we lost a match of football for example,
we are all on the place of Brussels to drink a beer and to be positive.
Not afraid to see moqueries and to dance all the night.

We have a beautiful nature (with the rain hehe, it can be).

Maybe several gamers will see us like crazy persons and sure, we love the humor.

Have a nice evening all and a special kiss to all belgians இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ— ...