eBelgian Song Contest - First Edition

Day 1,509, 13:39 Published in Belgium Belgium by El1teBE

After the rules for the first eBelgian Song Contest were provide😛

today started the first edition of it. To all of you who wants to know what's going on, and wants to listen some music, here is a presentation of all of the participants:

01. - The Netherlands - Andre Hazes: Bloed, zweet en tranen
02. - Yemen - Ayoob Tarish Absi: Tayr Malak
03. - Canada - Robin Sparkles: Let's Go To The Mall
04. - USA - Jack White: Fly Farm Blues
05. - Australia - Savage Garden: Truly Madly Deeply
06. - Spain - Ken7: Zapalduen Olerkia
07. - Armenia - System of a Down: Chop Suey
08. - Ukraine - Boombox: Наодинці
09. - Macedonia - Superhiks: Na Luta Rana
10. - United Kingdom - Buste😛 Crashed the wedding
11. - Sweden - Basshunter: DOTA
12. - Romania - Gheorghe Zamfir: Ciobanasul Singuratic

-Players must vote for 10 songs. The points must be given as follow: 12 pts to the favourite song, 10 to the second one, 8 to the third one and then 7 to 1 pts for the song that come from 7th to 10th. You must send me PM with your votes after listening to all of the songs, and you cannot reveal your votes in the forum - if you do that, you will be punished with reduce of 33% of your points. If someone forgets to vote until the deadline, also will be punished with reduce of 33% of the points given to his song.
-Other people then those who sended in a song are eligible to vote, only if they subscribe with a song for the next edition! NOTE: They can choose to play with a country taken in this edition only if the player who plays with that country gives the permission to them! If not, they must choose another country to play with!

Copy-paste this into the PM (to make you a bit easier), and tell me just the name of the countries (no need to fill it with the artist names and/or song titles:


The deadline is 10.01.2012 - 18:00 CET

This article is copied from eBelgian forum, just to let you know about the game and to collect more players for the next edition. The whole contest will happen only in the forum, and not in here - ingame! [ONLY FOR eBELGIANS AND eBELGIAN FRIENDS] JOIN US THERE!!!